To a new ideal of heroism and neo-classical theosophy. New Academicians are esotericists and educators on classical literature & mythological fable, art, politic, and cultural studies. The purpose is to restore the vast network of knowledge, once known in every nation and country, while learning the contexts in which they spurned. This will help us provide commentary on the world today. We also provide commentary and esoteric interpretations of the knowledge known in antiquity, as “the sacred Mysteries” (click example). We embrace the virtues of the Goddess of Ancient Rome, Minerva, and known in Greece, as Athena: — Valour, Wisdom-Intelligence, and Grace. We want to breathe into new oracles, the “wisdom of the gods” (sapientia). There is grace and aesthetic in the work here. The Academician Theosophical contends, there exists a superior knowledge to our conventional understanding of faiths and philosophies.

It has been the same in essence, in all ages, lying beyond the mere scope of intellection — in its fullness, and speculative philosophy. We will express the might of the Gnōsis — the methods by which it was known and can be attained, by any man, who can turn the key that locks the inner nature; and unblock their way, originally confining them to the narrow limits of the range of sense and mental faculty, we’re familiar. We break-away entirely, from old orientations of authoritarian religion, and uphold liberal arts. It is precisely the definition of knowledge liberalis (­“worthy of a free person”), we want to include theosophy (divine wisdom) in, being the basis of philosophy. This knowledge gives us the capability to make active, the elements and powers of our being. Politics is little without wisdom.

Culture is little without philosophy. Literature is little without heart. And, mythology is little without the power of speech and thought. The author looks at, how much the classical and modern theosophy can contribute to modern society.

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The Godless Wisdom-Religion of India: David Reigle’s “Gods Arrival in India”

ĀRYĀVARTA—ALMA-MATER OF THE MYSTERIES Theosophy states that the one Universal Wisdom-Tradition was actually non-theistic, or Godless! This article is a brief summary of David Reigle’s “Gods Arrival in India¹,” and has large implications.  There are a set of foundations for the exposition of Occult Philosophy, termed generically “Theosophy.” They are described by three fundamental propositions in the proem … Continue reading The Godless Wisdom-Religion of India: David Reigle’s “Gods Arrival in India”

Theosophy, Italian Fascism and German National Socialism

THEOSOPHY, FASCISM AND NATIONAL SOCIALISM ANALYSIS OF THEOSOPHY AND FASCISM, AND THE GERMAN NATIONAL-SOCIALISTS. – Why has Theosophy and H.P.B. been linked to, and blamed sometimes for the influence of Ariosophy, National Socialism, and Italian Fascism? Why is such conclusion a weak argument, that scholars should abandon? What are some counter-arguments to anticipate, which keeps researchers diverging in the same line? … Continue reading Theosophy, Italian Fascism and German National Socialism

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