The Truth about the Future Maitreya Buddha in Theosophical Writings

Edited Dec. 2016.

Russian-Ukrainian Buddhist, Helena P. Blavatsky held to traditional and Theravada Position on Maitreya in Tuṣita. H.P.B. did not advocate or emphasise any coming-messianism.


There is a prophecy on Maitreya (Jampa) known to the Buddhist and very briefly discussed in “The Secret Doctrine.” An introduction to the traditional Theravada view of Maitreya in Tuṣita is given:

Christianising Theosophy

There was a time where a population of Anglicans were joining the Theosophical Society, and developments were occurring among scholars and theosophists, like G.R.S. Mead, James Morgan Pryse, and Anna Kingsford. In this time, there were brief developments in the Christianised Hermetic line, but this line of development, in the commendable works of William Kingsland (e.g., The Esoteric Basis of Christianity), is different from the idea developed, say in Annie Besant’s Esoteric Christianity. In the same period, we find a tendency to Christianise Theosophy, or simplify Theosophy, and this simplification in the work and writing style of Charles W. Leadbeater.

Also, it became popularised with Alice Bailey (see Alice Bailey and her Christianised Pseudo-Theosophy). The error can be pin-pointed.

Maitreya and Christ, in their idea were two inter-mingled entities.

Charles W. Leadbeater books were said to contain a simplicity, but with him, and another theosophical member in the early twentieth-century, Alice Bailey, there comes a strange teaching regarding the coming of a Christ and a Maitreya, which was carried on later by Ascended Masters groups and persons like Benjamin Crème. A great deal of fraud was perpetrated under this, which is rooted in both theological error, and an error from explanations of esotericists.

They give a false colouring of the Theosophical positions.

An old documentary, despite its Christian propaganda (right on certain things we’d say also) details the issue, in relation to Alice Bailey on the Executives of the New Age and Politics. Her ideals were politically-motivated and Internationalist-oriented, and we need to highlight the politics and political thought to demarcate the line, between their influences, and our way. These ideas have influenced the intergovernmental institutions, but they are based in delusions and constructed beliefs. This is key, because certain evangelicals, i.e., the Christian Right have blamed Theosophy, or H.P.B.

The Secret Doctrine and Maitreya

Helena P. Blavatsky never applies any interpretation to Maitreya throughout the entirety of her collected writings, except to extremely brief mentions, that was not already known to the Hindus and the Buddhists. “The Secret Doctrine” mentions Jampa about ten times.

The first time the name Maitreya appears, is in a comparison between the Asclepios in Fragments of Hermetic texts in conversation with Hermes Trismegistus. Using the rare Eclogues of Joanne Stobaeus in the Florilegium, it is asserted that care has to be taken in studying the fragments, that Hermes in the texts is really a series of generations of mystics, under that name in the text. She simply draws a comparison between Parāśara — a maharishi credited with authoring the first (original) Viṣṇu Purāṇa — with Hermes, and Maitreya with Ascelpios (instructed by Hermes), as Parashara instructs Maitreya. The second mention is again from the Vishnu Puranas, on an instruction regarding the dissolution of the “egg of Brahma” (Hiraṇyagarbha), and thus mentions little except the name of Maitreya-Buddha.

Three other mentions are similar on instructions in ancient texts to Maitreya, as a student, on the nature of the kali-yuga, and the seven creations in the Vishnu Puranas. In the chapter on “Kwan-Shi-Yin and Kwan-Yin” in Volume 1, it is describing that Avalokitesvara, or Guan Shi Yin, both forms of the seventh Principle are not inventions of the Northern Buddhists. The texts goes into how this principle is known under different appellations, and that it is the “Alpha and Omega.”

The text then explains of a prophecy of the one to come at the renovation of the world, whom will be the last, but wait for it…

The Yugas

This evidently draws on the Indo-Iranian similarities between the Soshiosh (Saoshyant), Mithra and Maitreya. The next mention is that of the relation between the four bodies of Brahma in the exoteric account of the Vishnu Puranas, so there is not much you can squeeze from there. Another very brief mention in The Secret Doctrine is a passage of Parashara instructing Maitreya in the Puranas again, about the Sun, and them knowing that the earth revolved around the Sun.

In the chapter on Kwan-Shi-Yin, it comments on the fifth Buddha, stating that “MAITREYA is the secret name of the Fifth Buddha, and the Kalki Avatar of the Brahmins — the last MESSIAH who will come at the culmination of the Great Cycle,” i.e., the Mahayuga. These are the durations of the categorical yugas in the Vedic calculations.

(a) Satya Yuga (also called Krita Yuga) – Golden Age – 1,728,000 years;
(b) Treta Yuga (Silver Age – 1,296,000 years);
(c) Dvapara Yuga (Bronze Age – 864,000 years);
(d) Kali Yuga (Iron Age, ending at its 432,000rd year in the yuga). Its summation results in: 4,320,000 years (Maha-Yuga).

“He will appear as Maitreya Buddha, the last of the Avatars and Buddhas, in the seventh Race. This belief and expectation are universal throughout the East. Only it is not in the Kali yug, our present terrifically materialistic age of Darkness, the “Black Age,” that a new Saviour of Humanity can ever appear.” (The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1., pg. 470, 1888)

“The Buddhist teaching of the coming of Maitreya, the future Buddha, actually refers to the same future event as the coming of the Kalki Avatar prophesied in the Hindu scriptures and the Soshiosh or Saoshyant of the Zoroastrian tradition. They are different names for one and the same thing.” (Theosophical Glossary)

“It is true, as the Hindus say, that the Kalki Avatar (i.e. the Buddha Maitreya) will not appear on Earth until the very end of the Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga is the “Dark Age” through which mankind is presently passing. It began 5,000 years ago “at the moment of Krishna’s death” and will not end until sometime around the close of the 6th Root Race. We are currently still in the 5th Root Race and even the dawn of the 6th Root Race is still thousands of years in the future.” (see Maitreya in the Light of Real Theosophy)

So, nothing was strange of Blavatsky’s explanations.

This is highly revealing, because it means, everything the “New Age” movement, so-called, as well as claimants to prophecy, whom have even built their claims on Theosophy are totally unfounded, as the fraud of Benjamin Crème has demonstrated over the decades since 1975. Since, even when H.P.B. connects Maitreya Buddha to the Kalki Avatar, the use of both are under the Vedic calculations, still connected in the Tantras, to the five and secret two (according to the esotericists) Dhyāni-Buddhas. It exposes those who use these ideas.

The Modern Theosophists had no plans to inspire a new religion, a new age of global governance diversity, or a new angelology (Ascended Masters); and if they did, I would have laughed at Theosophy, and walked away long ago. The early theosophists were fairly knowledgeable in what they studied, and brought supporting evidences with them. They were not the amateurs we see them as.

“Far from our thoughts may it ever be to erect a new hierarchy for the future oppression of a priest-ridden world.” (Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, Letter no. 87)

Tell me, how did those theosophical adepts, the New Age Movement palmed off of, became so suddenly God-fearing, Bible-believing Neo-Catholics blessing the ceremonies of the “Liberal Catholic Church!

The frauds and copyists apparently did not know of our strong views.

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