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Sex and Mysticism: Suffering, Desire, Sex and its Complications

Discussing views on sex, mysticism, and the complications in human society it brings. Occult life versus ordinary life.


The Greek Érōs is translated passion, or “god of passion” but érōs is also one of the old Greek “primordial gods,” and does not refer metaphysically to sexual lust, or physiological love. Eros is the divine will in creation and the desire in the gods. Desire is regarded as a natural and psychic element connected with the world’s creation and its desire to manifest in Indian and the oldest Greek cosmogony.

The cosmos comes into birth under the propelling action (or force) of Eros, who is “life” or “universal electricity,” and the vital force of life. In humanity, as we should instinctively know — do not feel guilty — is grounded in materiality, while the real spiritual nature is decreased, by the physiological element, namely — sexual action. It is regarded as too connected with the spinal cord, the nerves, the pineal gland, and matter in the brain. The spiritual faculties remain atrophied, and spiritual development is impeded by the sexual act.

There is no spiritual side of sex,


Let’s be mature. Humans shouldn’t be ashamed of discussing sex, and their desires, just as they should not be ashamed of their own bodies in nudity. However, once we discuss it, we need to make decisions about how we individually think about sex. There is, and we see it everyday, an over-saturation of sexual images in society, and people complain and complain. There is this shame we have of bodies, and the overly negative views we have of the physical body, or commit against the physical body, from different sized people (except for the excessively unhealthy), to martyrs who blow themselves up to reach paradise, or people who see no consequences in raping their victims’ bodies. The latter two easily dispose of, and kill bodies. The lack of such a respect and solid philosophy or understanding of the value of possessing a body (a finite and base component of our nature) is part of that. The philosopher may openly shun sex and speak of higher virtue, but in their privacy, delight in the sweet memories and after-thoughts — the mental exploration inwardly, in the delightful magic, of that … elusive circuit of desire. The same circuit that charges the sensory towards pleasure, is the same used to aspire to “holy things.”


Throughout the world, there are mixed ideas about sex magic.

The world all-over has to a degree imported or adopted Yoga, or already had its own forms. Will they listen then, if told the plain truth? It is now common, that all physiological Yoga is based on centering what are called chakras, regulating the “vital breath,” and bring out kundalini energy from the spinal cord. There’s an aspect of the vital force, that becomes active from the bottom section of the spinal cord, where it is hidden and curled up. The higher aspect of this inert force or energy resides in the heart, and not the spinal cord. This energy has the potential to be constructive or destructive, and can intensively damage the neurophysiology of a person, and impede true progress. Hence, the decrease in contemplative, discriminatory and intellectual powers, capable of fully devoting themselves to work.


Desire is not something that can be fully gratified. The student has to master the senses; and not suppress the desire, but kill it out. Desire is an energy, like anger, that has to be re-directed toward strengthening mental powers, and exploring connections to the inner faculties and subsequently, their use. It is killed out by finding the mechanism generating its cause. There’s no other way around it. If one has decided to study this through asceticism, yogism, priesthood, MGTOW, single-life in the world, etc., there is no medium. Attempting to, lands you right in materiality. The psychic (or intra-physical) is still materiality, or of the lower planes/ranges of the universal substance.


The views given, are now seen as chiefly the outlook of Victorian views on sex, but this is untrue; and also, of the views of sex in that era. The Victorians were not puritans, and views were fluctuating.

Q. What is the occult view on sex?

A. It is seen as —

  1. A passing phase in human evolution;
  2. For procreation.

Q. Is the Solution Chastity or Maturity?

A. In a regular healthy relationship, sex is fine, but if you are an occultist, you must reconsider. In regular society, there is still a great problem with sex, and how people manage it, with all the complications it brings. After maturing, I think there are better ways to handle it. So, I cannot lie to you and tell you to become a chaste saint, as I am not myself. I have personal experience with the things I have discussed.


It is possible to transmute your thoughts away from the sexual, and purify them; just as you find them to be pervasive and flood you unsuspectingly. The lower passion and lower mind-suggestions become in the former process, as the most faintest and weakest echoes, you will ever hear in that condition of mental exuberance. You will forget about them entirely, with your mind absorbed elsewhere. There are states of perception greater than the temporal experience of an orgasm, which to most people is believed to be the highest culmination of pent-up energy directed toward, or at someone/or an object. The reproductive organs are parts to protect, not abuse, for the students who know sex magic is not a divine matter. It is a matter of the human senses (sensualism and sensualized mysticism) in Matter, and the psychic or astral matter.

How much have we each perhaps, lost our dignity and nobility under the complications in life that sex brings? This is not to say, give it away, and be involved with it no more. We are saying, that what we take to be but abstract things, like desire, thought, imagination, are powerful agents of Nature, contributing to our daily ignorance.

We suffer, because we do not know what these things have to do with our complete nature. The worst it can do is impede your progress and success in life. However, for the everyday family-person, with responsibilities and great duties to attend, we need to think carefully about the relation of sex to life, and to the partner before us.

The solution for the serious student is simple. Anyone, who tells you anything else is simply trying to make excuses, or lying. We all fall short as mortals, but don’t make up things like “Divine Sex,” “Divine Sexual Magic,” “Sexual Healing,” and “Higher Kundalini Sex” or “Hot Yoga Sex.” There is no such thing. The Psychic is not the Spiritual.


  1. ‘Agree with you that sex and occultism can’t mix. HPB writes in “Key to Theosophy”: “….. save in a few exceptional cases of practical occultism, marriage is the only remedy against immorality.” ( p. 262) Almost everyone has a whole lot of karma along these lines. Being an old man I can say that the best way to live is internally free of sex, but can also say that it doesn’t last!

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  2. In my 60’s I don’t have any need to “talk about sex” personally, “been there and done that.” In my 20’s I used to even keep a file folder of pertinent quotes and information from research in order to try to figure the whole thing out. What I can see now is that it is a huge Joke on the human race, which after a few million years of karma, is hard-wired into the race, and when young – unless one is a superman/woman chela of some sort – one almost has to answer nature’s call for the sake of Sanity. Physical sex and the body is not important, the less attention given to them the better. The sex-madness is an actual form of Insanity that is part of and used by Nature – which has been exacerbated by a million years of over-indulgence into a Disease. This isn’t an “assumed viewpoint,” but Wisdom.

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  3. Yes, the purpose of Theosophy is to elevate the mind of the race, not for everyone to become an occultist, which one tends to forget. Hopefully we retain some of the lessons we’ve learned and “wise up” a little bit earlier each time around, or gain a better environment.

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