W.T.S. Thakara’s Critique of Madame Blavatsky’s Baboon


The link to this critique from a theosophist, W.T.S. Thakara (October 1997) is worth directing anyone whom come onto this blog, or see in the search results, next to Helena Petrovna’s name, Blavatsky’s Baboon. This book was written by an author named, Peter Washington; and it is a book on the shelves of many colleges. Plainly, the book is pitiful.

It is still widely read. I never go to an obscure source to learn about a philosophy. You go straight to the source material first.

I have come across online forums, in which those discussing Theosophy, are actually discussing this book. Having not checked the correctness of the book, as we criticised of Sam Harris’s addition to his book, many still think this book is a credible source. It is a pseudo-scholarly work, and could be picked apart by any student. But I direct you to the link.

Notes on Madame Blavatsky’s Baboon

“. . . All too often, this subject [Theosophy and its offshoots], when it is discussed in scholarly circles, is presented in a most unscholarly fashion. Falsehoods are perpetuated and original research is not actively pursued. A renewed interest in Theosophy is appearing, however.

. . . It is my hope that [a dispassionate historian of religion giving HPB her due] will take place sooner rather than later. One way of doing so is for scholars to reevaluate — or perhaps read for the first time — Blavatsky’s principal writings in the light of nineteenth century scholarship. Readers will be surprised, in my opinion, at the depth and eclecticism that exist especially in her masterworks Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine.” (James Santucci, Theosophical History, October 1997, pp. 272-3.)

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