Islamic Radicalisation, Migrant Crisis and Sharia-Controlled Zones in Europe

Islamic Radicalisation, Migrant Crisis and
Sharia-Controlled Zones — Reality or Xenophobia

Muzzles on Americans about Islamic Radicalisation and Europe miserable under Sharia-Controlling Muslims? Will Western Civilisation collapse, ultimately from within? 30th U.S. President Calvin Coolidge, remarked that American foundations & principles were fundamentally sound. Is there something wrong in the political nature of Islamic ideology, or is it just Islamists? There are various forms of Islam, but others say, the problem is in the Politic of Islam. Are we being misled, or are we all xenophobes, for questioning the moral, social and political situation, dividing Western civilisation?

Years ago, Europe stated how the project of multiculturalism and integration programmes had failed.

Now, countries are under pressure. 

In one of Copenhagen suburbs, reports by Pub owners speak of bars demanding “protection money” from rampaging Muslim gangs. The question is why similar incidents of criminality and bullying-tactics are occurring throughout Western Europe. Why is it being allowed? Copenhagen bars are tired of being harassed by these thought police in their communities. We should be having a conversation about the issues with these kind of incidents throughout Europe and our Denmark, as well as the political ideology of Islam in the world.

The social condition of Europe, the problem of Muslim integration and Islam, and the migrant crisis demands commentary. We can congratulate the digital media outlets that are highlighting the real issues facing Europe, on campuses in Britain, etc., but the American is fed a highly watered-down story, that there are no problems going on with Islamist radicalisation. It is a myth, we’re told. Those who raise the issue are told they are uneducated about Islam just for raising a real issue, then are name-called racists, Islamophobes, and xenophobes.

Recently, Germany’s government, doled out the economic projection to spend €93.6 billion (euros), on migrant integration programs and living expenses for refugees and asylum seekers, citing a draft from the federal finance ministry.

Years ago, the author themselves was speaking to a Muslim at university, and she remarked how it was good, that Islam was spreading in Europe. I disagreed, but they insisted that the influx was a good thing, because that meant Islam was spreading. It is advisable, that we learn what Islamic source materials believe about non-Muslims, kuffār, etc.

Having come across a few red-flag habits in my involvement and studies in the Islamic community for years, it was evident, that many Sunni Muslims had a sense of superiority to Western culture, and values. Shīʻa Muslims seemed to have different understandings, and more philosophical leanings; nevertheless, it was a common pattern among so-called “moderates” and converts, as regards to their new zeal. I recall a conversation with a U.S. immigrant from Syria, where they lived here, but perceived the U.S. as a Christian nation, and did not know what secularism was.

Due to their observations the “Church and State” were one; especially, because there is no such idea to them of a separation between Church and State. They even brought up the advantage Islam has by not separating Mosque and State, and that they have the Sharīʿah (Islamic law), compared to the U.S. Constitution. As far as they’re concerned, the Constitution doesn’t matter. In-fact, their attitude implied the question, “what are your Western values? (!)”

To this person, the U.S. politicians were “Christian,” and the Islamic regions of the World were competing against a “Christian Nation,” and Christian religion. In the minds of such people, the world either should be Islamised, or will be eventually.

Breitbart News Network, among other independent news sources highlights the situation of Islamist radicalisation and extremists on British campuses, “illegal” schools, and suburban areas. So, Germany projects a spending at 94 billion euros for integration programmes. Muslims in Europe grow more radical, and import others, who believe in the superiority of their traditions, as the political left ally with them.

Above all, it is the aggressive males of the radical population demanding such alterations in Europe; while the Westerners grow so ever soft, and protectorates of these highly sexually-charged aggressors. Just a few months ago, in February, reports came out in Germany published by the Federal Criminal Police Office, that 185,000 crimes had been committed by migrants, notably rape.

Earlier this year, the German government admitted that it cannot account for 600,000 of the 1.1 million migrants who arrived into the country last year. The idea of vetting processes, spoken of by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are criticised as again, being racist, and xenophobic.

The crimes are continuing to increase, and will rise the more they see they’re getting away with their actions. This is the case in certain no-go zones in European countries, and in this case of the Pub owners, being told by Muslims, they are in control. Based on a Pew Forum report in 2013, there are 1.62 billion Muslims in the world. 1.39 billion believe, wives should obey their husbands; 1.1 billion report to want the rule of the Sharīʿah; 748 million believe there should be death for adultery; and 584 million believe, there should be death for leaving Islam. We could not possibly believe, the Jaina and Buddhist religion would ever create an ideology that would spur such habits of thought. The passiveness of ‘philosophers,’ reporters, and politicians, to truly educate the people about the sources of the Islamist, and Islamic political ideology is noticeably beginning to rent a large intellectual void. Fewer amongst the Westerners know of their values; nor are prepared to verbally and reasonably defend against sophistries of the religio-political programme of Islamic propaganda and promotion.

The American populist is in a good majority now demanding populist-centred policies, with a conservative-core.

The real question, is not whether moderates are the answer to the problems; but whether these habits in the politicalised Islam are intrinsic to the source material in the Qurʾān, and Hādith. We are being told, that is not the case. It is normal in Islam, to believe that it is p e r f e c t, and immutable.

The habits of conventional religion, in giving rise to claimants who say they speak from Angels, and Gods are too openly accepted, that even a weak Christian might believe there’s a slight chance that Joseph Smith indeed spoke to Moroni in 1823 and convert to Mormonism. The issue is a problematic facet of religion.

Whose primary responsibility in the homes is it to ensure there’s no civilizational collapse from this ideological war between Islamism and Western civilisation? Member of Hamburg Parliament, Stefanie von Burg taunted what she called “right-wingers,” in a speech in parliament, The MP stated that German cities in 20-30 years will not be majority German, and that it is a good thing, Stefanie von Burg believes. Elsewhere, politicians are painting groups, or people who care about retaining their culture from its destruction as “those xenophobes.” You have to wonder, what is the plan in the minds of these politicians and businesses. Is this integration needed for a plan bigger than us, or are our leaders too stupid?

Take a look at this Muslim scholar and the Imam also in the video, demonstrating what we have been discussing:

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