Russian Orthodox Church claimed Theosophical Movement a Front for Freemasonry

Russian Orthodox Church shamefully lied about Theosophical Movement in Russia and internationally, being a front for Freemasonry, as if firstly, Masonry was a nefarious organisation. Defamation by the Orthodox on a small organisation and cause, built on hysterical conspiracy.

Maria Carlson’s “No Religions Higher Than Truth: A History of the Theosophical Movement in Russia” (Maria Carlson) charts the Russian Theosophical Movements. This briefly sums up that history, or attitude of the expression of that Movement in Russia, which shows a split, or independence of the Smolensk Society and the Parent Society.

There’s a chapter discussing the Smolensk Theosophical Movement. Basically the Smolensk Theosophical Society, although having an ecumenical Christian orientation (Christian brotherhood), endured the brunt of opposition from the Synod. The Parent Society thought they should stay independent from them.

It first made its plea, through a telegram, to Tsar Nicholas II, and it was welcomed as an “interesting case of the refraction of the principles of Theosophy through the Russian Christian mysticism”. The conservative elements in Russia, frankly did not like Theosophy, and saw it as alien and inimical to Orthodox Christianity.

The Society further garnered attention, when archimandrites within membership and monastery brethren were organising under such societies and lecturing on subjects of occultism as displayed in Isis Unveiled. Apparently, there were independent Theosophical circles in Odessa and Moscow, whom were not apart of the foreign Parent Theosophical Society. To the “Holy Synod,” it was an abomination. How bad judgement makes one Holy?

According to the conservative Orthodox Synods in Russia in the 19th century, Theosophy was a front for Freemasonry, with political motives. It was the Synod of the Russian Church that cropped up the idea, that the Theosophical Society is really secret Freemasonry. Where were their proofs for such instigations?


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