Jonathan Haidt on Political Correctness and Illiberalism – Dave Rubin Report

Rubin Report: Prof. Jonathan Haidt – Political Correctness on College Campuses

Difficult for Public Intellectuals, Pundits, and Journalists?

Nothing has showed me how more difficult this is, not just in our own experiences; but even between public intellectuals, as in the cases of Hitchens, of Maajid Naawaz, of Sam Harris, and others, who discuss various issues, regardless of differences. I think in places like Germany, Britain, or Denmark there was a toughness, that is eroding, for the worst. Often we work for certain causes, and have a conviction in what we believe, because of the principles and values we hold most important, and I cherish my intellectual liberty, and the right to be challenged, and to challenge others. We are losing the ability to converse on topics, we think are settled, but they are not; and there are people who want to restrict your free speech, because you think differently, or hurt feelings, etc. I’m tired of such people assuming they’re the only one’s right, yet refuse to dialogue.

Lets change this culture.

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