Do Journalists deliberately confuse Public about the Alt Right, Socialism, and Fascism?

Updated, June 2017.

Sargon of Akkad encounters with the Alt-Right. Journalists collaborated on how to address the Alt-Right, deliberately engaged in manipulating public perception. The response and use of the term Fascism in media; Cultural Marxism; and the American honeymoon with radical leftist revolutionaries.

Certain establishment media outlets, or pundits like to claim to be “neutral,” when they’re obviously not. Now, they’re onto the Alt-Right. My arguments about the New Right is that, such groups open up dialogue. What people on the left do today is label people bigots, racists, Islamophobes, and whatnot, and then try to shut them down, instead of have public debates, or conversation. The response of “the left” is to riot against them. There is no room for conversation.

So, where is this democracy the resistance claim they exemplify.

The Federalist states, that the New Right is just another form of Identity Politics. The ‘Alt Right’ is diverse itself, but now, in the continued effort to paint the populist rise of Donald Trump as contributed by purely racists, and bigots, etc, the term Far-Right will be increasingly used as a Buzzword for Fascism, Neo-Nazis, etc.

The above was written between 2015-16 and it was accurate.

We’ve discussed the tactic in Theosophy, Italian Fascism and German National Socialism from this helpful Marxist critique of the hysteria:

“Colonial empires found justification in racial theory. Romantic national history and social Darwinism bound masses of people at home to the imagined community of the state and reconciled them to the existing hierarchical social order. Nevertheless, though fascist leaders and their shrill publicists freely deployed such ruling class notions, they did so in an entirely demagogic fashion. There is with fascism no body of logically sustainable reasoning of the kind found in the catholic church or Marxism. Read Mein Kampf or Mussolini’s My autobiography. Hence frantic leftist attempts to locate Le Pen’s ‘fascism’ in some subtle anti-semitic code word or pouncing upon Jörg Haider’s ‘fascist’ admiration for the Third Reich’s autobahns and public works programme is entirely misplaced. There is no fascist theory systematically linking proposition to practice. Organisationally fascism has precursors in the anti-liberal and anti-socialist counterrevolutionary movements of the same late 19th to early 20th century period. A loose analogy can be drawn between Louis Napoleon Bonaparte’s movement and fascism.” (Origins of fascism and the New Right)

The way the term Fascist is loosely used now, also applies to “the left.”

In 2015, I was saying, if the Left continues the way it is going, then American politics is becoming like the old beer-halls, and the sports gangs (fighters) in Europe. So, it was the Proud Boys, e.g., that did fulfill this example, and Neo-Confederates in the South; but the Proud Boys are taking the brunt of the criticism from “the Press” in general, as a bunch of Fascists, and racist White Nationalists.

You can’t even be a Western chauvinist in the West itself now.

The Proud Boys define it as being prideful about Western Civilization.

The radical revolutionaries of the “political Left” are under the delusion, they are fighting against fascists, so they feel justified in their increasing militancy. The great irony, is that in Australia, Canada, the U.S., and Europe, we are all bombarded about the idea: mischaracterizations of Islam help the Islamic State of the Levant terrorist group. Yet, mischaracterizations of fascism are perfectly fine, to justify pseudo anti-fascist militancy, dressing like the Islamic State in masks. Anti-capitalists, socialists, open communists, etc., entering our political arena and being aided and excused, will inevitably give rise to its real historic opposition in National Syndicalism, Falangism, Legionnaire, and classical Fascist political doctrine and philosophy. No one can even create philosophy in this extremely tense, and fast-paced socio-political environment of conflict; and when it is the duty of the Press to inform citizens, they misinform and confuse. So, rightfully so, the Press is a “Lyin’ Press.”

The Alt-Right and Right generally are being called —

Far-Right, etc.

While the Press present to us false moderate/temperate alternatives.

They turn around, and then denounce “Cultural Marxism” as a myth.

If you are asking what happened to Classical Liberalism —

Everyone on the Right is being labeled terms, even when it’s inaccurate. It is as if, they want to make us fascist, by forcing us to actually find what the terms they use mean. Both the terms fascism and totalitarianism were coined by Benito Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile, for the philosophy of fascism. Now, these terms carry none of the weight it meant, when they were coined. The mainstream conservatives are just as bad, at informing us properly about it.

I did not want to get my critique of Fascism from liberal democrats, who see all of history and the highest manifestation of political thought in the form of “liberal democracy.” The best critique of Italian Fascism I’ve read from a non-publication book, or academic journal was from “The Mad Monarchist.” This was the best observation, from the point of view of how the Italian monarchists saw National Syndicalism and Fascism, Republicanism and democracy.

Socialism, Communism, and Anarchism get far too many passes.

Now, magazines fantasize and justify the actions of the far-left.

The so-called “Liberal-Left” are just as bad, and aren’t saints here.

Read Salon’s Anti-fascist radicals: Liberals don’t realize the serious danger of the alt-right.

A New Wave of Left-Wing Militants Is Ready to Rumble in Portland—and Beyond.

Firstly, the Alt-Right are nothing like Fascists. They are a garden-variety and lack the discipline, the political doctrine, the philosophy and the aesthetic. Journalists know exactly what they are doing when they use terminological confusion, and psychologically manipulate the public’s perceptions, just for political points and pushing their own agenda. They are using the conflict for political propaganda, to make it seem, they are the only alternative in the political crisis.

Despite my criticisms of the Alt-Right, Kevin MacDonald was right.

You are seen as the enemy no matter what. Cuck or not.

Kevin MacDonald & Andrew Joyce Interview on Leftist Violence

Sargon of Akkad encounter with the Alt-Right

A recent talk in March update:

So, do you think the Press largely, or journalists deliberately confuse public about the Alt-Right, Socialism, and Fascism; or they’re ignorant?


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