Public confused about the Alt Right, Socialism, and Fascism

The Press confuse public about Alt-Right and Politics

Certain establishment media outlets, or pundits like to claim to be “neutral,” when they’re obviously not. Now, they’re onto the Alt-Right. My arguments about the New Right is that, such groups open up dialogue. What people on the left do today is label people bigots, racists, Islamophobes, and whatnot, and then try to shut them down, instead of have public debates, or conversation. The response of the left is to riot against them. There is no room for conversation.

So, where is this democracy the rioters and resistance howl about?

The Federalist states, that the New Right is just another form of Identity Politics. The ‘Alt Right’ is diverse itself, but now, in the continued effort to paint the populist rise of Donald Trump as contributed by purely racists, and bigots, etc, the term Far-Right will be increasingly used as a Buzzword for Fascism, Neo-Nazis, etc.

A recent talk in March update:


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