The Heart Doctrine in the ‘Voice of the Silence’

The Voice in the Silence says, the heart doctrine teaches man how to become “sky walkers” or as the transcendent sages [仙人].

“But St. James teaches two kinds of wisdom; a teaching with which we fully concur. He draws a strong line of separation between the divine or noëtic “Sophia”—the Wisdom from above—and the terrestrial, psychic, or devilish wisdom—the Sophia επιγειος ψυχη δαιμονιωδης. For the true Theosophist there is no wisdom save the former.” (Helena Petrovna Blavatsky)

The Voice of the Silence teaches that the source from which the personality germinates is false, because a mind-produced illusion. With it, springing from attraction by man to desires, ‘like a moth into the dazzling flame of a night-lamp’, causing one to ‘perish in the viscid oil’ (The Voice of the Silence, Verbatim ed., 1889 p. 8), if failing to subdue it.

This is the deceptive light, the radiant mystic, if lingering in it, should be caught, like in a thick veil, ensnaring the mind; and subsequently, in the man, abandonment of the inner master (inner conscience), and submersion into illusion. Therefore, when discerning the false from the true, and before beginning the path, master the mind, and make clean the heart for the energy that will reside in it.

Ignorance disrupts harmony, based in its fount upon the great heresy of separateness. Above the sea of sorrow, are the winds above its waves.

The Voice of the Silence aims at laying out the teaching how to go above these waves. These teachings of the heart are central in the text of the Voice of the Silence.


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