Jewish and Greek Mysteries, and Early Christianity

In “The Oracular Gnōsis of Christianity: A Hellenic Restoration,” the author had given two ingredients to comprehending the Mysteries of the Christian Wisdom, or Gnōsis. This is the Mysteries of Religion and the Religion of the Mysteries, from which the clothe of early communities were woven. What were these two ingredients:

(1) the demonstration of the Jewish Religion’s (early history) connection to the Mysteries is the first fatal step, that will undue the position, or claim to infallible divine revelation, through divine Monarchy, of the Christian Churches. It will show, the books we cherish, to be the work of human progress, albeit, inspired by a natural process, theology has hitherto termed theopneusty (divine inspiration), but which the so-called pagans, who were scientific and mystic already knew well, perhaps even better. This is not aimed at the destruction of Christianity; but to restore, what could have been, and what better things can be, if we, as a civilisation, was knowledgeable of the Mysteries, from which the work of the offshoot and hence, reformed Judeo-Phoenician system gave birth to new history.

(2) The second key ingredient, is the structure and study of the symbolical language (esotericism) of Ancient Mythology, particularly the Greeks.

A study of the Sects from the River Jordan and old Phoenician-worships with the Hellenic Systems is sufficient, to give the Christian, an entirely new perspective about their Religion and its origins.

Both combined, demonstrate the case for a thesis, that the Christian Religion is a project, like many projects in those times, of the syncretism between Judaism and the Hellenic Mysteries.

How did we get from the Jordan Nazorenes, who were Jews, to the Pharisees, and the New Testament theology? Whence, the many doctrinal systems, and early rabbinical period work passed out of record, come? We get their systems and philosophical dogmas, only salvaged by systems collected, and descending from the first century and before, and to the ancient Scholasticism we go to.

The Jewish and Christian account at present, are partisan in their testimony, about the Truth; and present, exoterically, a conventional wisdom, set apart from the Mysteries, which we assert the latter, which the pagan philosophers knew well, and teach the true glad tidings. Now, we are to ask what were those glad tidings spoken by those at the banks of the river Jordan, who intermingled? Are those same people then, or even of the classical periods, the Christians today?

The Christians stepped out from the Judaism, which itself spread out from the old Dionysian-worship (Adonis).

It was on the lands of Galilee, of Lebanon, of Israel and Phoenicia, Adonis was said to descend down the streams of the Jordan River, bringing the vernal and autumnal rain. The “false gods” you so hate, and their peoples — your religion descends from, inescapably — and it is only the fineness of the LIFE supreme, known amongst them, you also pray to. Whether in Syria, or Moab, and Mesopotamia, your feared “Moloch,” or Baal (El) the SUN, is also Adon, Adonis, or Adonai of the highplaces and temples of the Ancients of the Near-East civilisations. Among those Nazarenes of the desert, the Mysteries of Adonis (ADON) lived, and rivers bore the name of Adonis, remarked Lucian of Samosata. The Nazarenes, belonged to Adonis, whom was of many names; and they intermingled, along the banks of the river Jordan, we are taught with the Nabatheans, Essenians, and Sabeans.

This man, the Christians believe existed, the Nabi whom was called Rabbi, because wanderer and a wise man; Chrestos, because a pure man; Nazaria, because from that sect; and Nazoraios, because of his separation, from other men, like the sect of Iaonnes.

It demonstrates, the modern congregations to be unlike such man, whom rather than pray outward to a god, prayed inward to ‘The God’ (from within). The conventionalists, look into the sky for The GOD; but the Wise Man like the outer (physical Sun), possessed an inner Sun. What makes the modern Christian wise? What is the Hidden Wisdom of Sōd, of Theion (the DEITY), they possess, which sets them generally apart from men and rulers of the World?

Why did the adherents past, join at the River Jordan? It was, because of the lost in repute of the rabbis. What of Epiphinius of Salamis, whom remarked that those whom we call Christians, were also known equally, as Nazoraeans, and called Essenians, or those whom intermingled along the banks of the Jordan? So, who are those who went out from them, saying they are the true representatives of their Sōd, or Mysteries (the ARCANUM)? From whom, of the many Protestant Sects, are we to decipher holds the (real) Wisdom?

untitledNow, the true reason, why these Nazorenes, whom were mystics, of old Palestine, were set apart from the Rabbis and Tanaïm of the time, and joined with the Gnostic Jews whom all joined on the banks of the river for Baptism: It was, because Judaism was the very first off-shoot from the Mystery-Religions, particularly, the Adonis-Baal, or Bacchus-worship (Adonis). It still retains the impressions of that principally, old Phoenician and Babylonian worship; but the Pharisees, e.g., laid much stress on the technicalities, forms and ceremonies of worship. Like the rites of the Catholic Church, and the Orthodox. The Jewish Patriarchates, or Aions, correspond to the mythic Kings of Babylon — “Mysteries,” both founded on the worship of the Concealed God, and masked by an exoteric polytheism, as in India.

Damascius, the last of the Neoplatonists, knew of the Babylonian worship, stating, that they passed over in silence, concerning the “One Principle of the Universe” (SPACE), just as confirmed in Acts, about the “Hidden God,” the Mystery of the Jews, as known to the Kabbalists, and was known to the Zurvanites of classical Persia. Christianity is not the only Religion in History, to assert a doctrine about a god, whom is called the Only-begotten Son (the ANOINTED), who is the PNEUMA. The names of the patriarchs (aeons) in the Hebrew System, are evidently the same in different names, as the mythic ten, in the Babylonian system; and corresponding further with Greek Hellenic and Pre-Hellenic and Roman gods.

Contained in that mythology of the patriarchs of the Hebrews, is a mathematical formulae, about “the ONE” (the Monad), as demonstrated in Pythagoreanism. Equally, distressing are the facts to the prejudiced of the “pagans,” there are Greek gods, the Hebrew system corresponds to.

What we call divinely-revealed scriptures were written by men. Christian Theologists speak of Clement and Origen “borrowing” from the Platonists, and it is because such philosophies contained the keys to understanding the older doctrines, and text, so glossed over by literalist interpretations. Verily, from what has been stated, it is not Judaism that disbelieved in Christianity, but that Judaism believed in those Mysteries, concerning the Son of the Silence, the Logos, or Nous.

The latter is universal, while cyclically, there are Initiates whom are Christos, and born of the Pneuma, and the Fire, that is Light and Life, as known to the Ionians as the first-principle before the Christians. Yet, whom have stated, they are as the wise alienated ones of the desert of Adon, who joined on the banks of the river, Jordan — whom the Cyril of Jerusalem said was the beginning of the Evangels, whomever wrote them? It is those Evangels, which demonstrate the syncretism, or the identity of the Mysteries, as was shared between the Greeks and Hebrews.

The metaphysical and religious principles, concerning the Christōs, all precede the Christian dogmas, and if the theosophists deny the dogma of the Nicenes, how can we speak heresy? For the Jews then, started the doctrine.

How then, can the modern usurpers of the name of that principle, be its best interpreter? It is from the Jewish philosophy and familiarity with the Greeks and Romans, my interpretation comes, and then some. It is right in the Wisdom of the Commentaries, and their masked doctrines about the seven Aions and Planets, one recognises, the same Silence (unfathomable); the same Pater in Zeus or Jupiter; the same Minerva (Selene-Helena), or Athena (Wisdom of the FATHER).

Bacchus (Adonis), also called Silenus (the Silence) too was said to be the only worthy one of the “Virgin” (Venus). Venus is also a metaphysical principle in the oracular office (theogony) for Matter, from which came forth, a Son, called Dionysodotus. Dionysodotus is “Apollo,” the SUN, the (hidden SUN and Sun manifested as) “Son of Man,” whose words to the Delphian oracles read, “Man, Know Thyself.”

“Thyself,” whose Mind is rooted in the Pneuma (the Spirit concealed in and through Matter), the first-born.

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