Edith Starr Miller’s “Occult Theocrasy” and the Illuminati

edithstarrmillerHave you heard of a certain Lady Queensborough? Her real name was Edith Starr Miller (1887-1933). Edith Starr Miller, nevertheless an active member of Fascist leagues, sought it her utmost duty as an anti-Mormon Christian to find every religion other than her Christianity, conduits in a Satanic, and Luciferian plot to overthrow “Judeo-Christian civilisation.”

Unlike, H.P.B., whom thought the Jesuits were reaching too far their influence, and “honey-combing” the Roman Catholic Church, or that the Brahmanical Indians unfairly kicked the Buddhists out of India, Edith Starr Miller believed the Brahmans, Jesuits, Gnostics, Buddhists, Zionists, Theosophists, Yogis, Freemasons, Irish nationalists, etc., etc., were all in cahoots to subvert society. Her second work, called Occult Theocrasy, is the exact perspective, to combat against, in order to popularise Theosophy. Edith Starr Miller uses language, known to the Theosophists and Martinists, etc., like “adepts.”

Her thesis is that the body of international politic is being manipulated by a cabal of Adepts who worship Satan and Lucifer; and without distinguishing much, assails on quite all secret 16th-19th c. organisations, and ancient religions. These are the types of people who cannot imagine a single flaw or imperfection in their religion, and see every attempt to expose its holes and contradictions, as an attack to uproot it. So what if it is, if man so wishes to build the world upon a rock of imperishable truths and fact? Like modern minds, earning money and followers on the expense of the public, quite a number of the population have acquired her exact same perspective, built on their faith of either of the three monotheisms; and complain of a subversion of Judeo-Christian civilisation. All degrees of occultism to Edith Starr Miller are little but Satanic and Luciferian.

As anticipated by Helena P. Blavatsky, she stated how, despite unequivocal statements in The Secret Doctrine, that people after, as already in that time, will say the God of the Theosophists in secret is really Lucifer and Satan. Despite stating the truths about these essentially Mythological characters, which we affirm do not exist, being that the theosophical system is preeminently non-theistic, that very idea has grown over the public like lethal bacilli. We, like the Pre-Socratics, explain a natural philosophy that is yet still spiritual.

Like Edith Starr Miller, many persons trace all the issues of the modern world to the historical Bavarian Illuminati. These are further based upon hoaxes, they have weaved into their works. Contemporary Theosophists, admittedly aging or ignoring all this, apparently are not aware, that in every calumny and slander brought against the Bavarian Perfectibilists, comes the calumny of Theosophists as well, with Masonry. As all are conceived to be on a ‘Pyramid’ of a cabal of nefarious Zionist Jews, or the hooved Satan himself!

So, no one takes time to separate historical fact from fiction.

The anti-masonic sentiment has returned in the same conspiratorial spirit of matter, in which the shadow was casted, and the first stone flung, for many lies the spirit of Judas. We here, have to examine what we say as well, e.g., about Jesuits, and the Vatican, whom the Protestants and some Orthodox call the great Mother of Harlots, or hurl their hatred against the ancient nation of Babylon. As claims, must be built on facts, and incorrect insinuations bring incalculable woe. The great Mother of Harlots is, in truth conventionalists themselves, hiding behind these instigations and polemics.

Occult Theocrasy, and other works like it are poor works, as where are her legitimate supporting evidences, outside of the opinions of some men, and anti-masonic hoaxes? Luciferian Occultism controls Freemasonry, and Gnōstics were an anti-christian sect, a Satanic revolution, she says. If such a revolution is Satanic, why not call the renaissance, educational revolutions in Europe and the Americas, the Enlightenment, and 1776 — a Satanic revolution, of liberty?

By such standards, the whole order evinced by the Founding Fathers, and their concept of separation of Church and State, is a Luciferian revolt against the Christian God! For the modern thinkers, do not so hesitate, to theorise, that what is governing the United States, is a secret cabal, they have vaguely termed “Illuminati” we ought reject.

I will combat against the popular use of this term, Illuminati, as has been done so freely, as a catchall phrase for evil cabals, or in Edith Star Miller’s case, all the founders of the English Rosy Croix, of Freemasonry, Theosophy, Gnosticism, etc. As, for the time being, we will adopt this term, to create a counter-narrative, which is the truth in this case. For if truth be told, it is modern Christianity, which is “Neo-Christianity,” “Anti-Wisdom,” and “Anti-Christian.”


Occult Theocrasy on the Theosophical Society, is wholly based on several inaccuracies, from the notes of Rene Guénon’s critique.

Edith Starr Miller, like Sam Harris in Waking Up, first obscures Theosophy, by stating that Blavatsky’s superiors were apart of a “Great White Lodge” (pseudo-theosophical terminology as no such lodge exists) in which she says — as some uneducated theosophists and pseudo-theosophists have indeed wrongly said — secretly governs the world, as if they were nurses, like the Catholic Saints.

This is not Theosophy though.

Edith Starr Miller connected Charles Sotheran to Albert Pike, in her theory of his Luciferianism, based on the Taxil hoaxes, also used to defame Giuseppe Mazzini, a colleague of Helena P. Blavatsky. She uses of course, the unfortunate debacle of Jiddu Krishnamurti, Charles W. Leadbeater, and Annie Besant, to set up Modern Theosophy as one of the subversive orders, attempting to topple her precious “Judeo-Christian civilisation.” The work of Charles W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant are a consequential result of their attempt to usurp Blavatsky’s work, as pride fell to them, then conscious dupery. The objects of the Theosophical Society, Edith Starr Miller lays out, is World Government (by “Restoration of the Mysteries”), and World Religion, with it, as its head. The Theosophical Society is characterised as having a political status, in this time by Edith Starr Miller, to set up a secret and theocratic order. So, without going into the history of the Theosophical Society, she conflates the two periods of the co-founders and early theoreticians of that movement with the later movement within it.

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