Gavin McInnis: How to Understand the 14 Groups on the Right Wing

Yeah, people can hate you, just for being conservative.

The Rebel Media is a conservative, right-wing political and social commentary media platform, I like. One would be amazed, at how many people, are not really aware of what the different political parties think. Due to the increasing soundbite culture we are immersed in, political terms have become buzzwords, till people use them, and do not even know what they mean. This is because people are parroting what others say, and think.

As host Gavin McInnis says in the opening:

“here on the right, we are known as the right-wing, We’re horrible people, and we want blacks to go back to Africa, and anyone poor needs to be punished … we only care about the unborn, everyone else can die, and we don’t believe in dinosaurs, and we think the earth is 300 years old. That is the view of the right-wing, and in fact, I noticed with liberals, they just say, ‘yea, yea, he’s really right-wing, and … we’re done now, with that guy.’”

After the event at DePaul Uni. with our College Republicans and Breitbart journalist, Milo Yiannopoulos, I said, “this is enough,” and I have to be more outspoken about my views. Hope you enjoy learning about the “Right-Wing.”



  1. It is true that too much polarization takes place on all sides in error of just trying to identify a specific ideology or stance. One thing that I like about your post is the push for ‘independent thinking’. I venture to say that ‘independent listening’ is the other side of that coin. To me, this is a vital place for independant movers and shakers to meet (although politics is not my arena). It is a place to further eliminate right, far right, left, far left labeling and defense of such placement and actually hear the issue, the concern, the problem, etc. Anyhow, interesting post 🙂

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