Manifesting Destiny: What will Make America Great?

freedom is not guaranteed, it is fought for

It was fought for. To continue to bridge differences between the Western Civilisation and Asia, it is beneficial to have a certain mindset, say the Japanese, Russian, or Chinese, etc., themselves would find respectable, honorable, and noble.

Diplomatic work is not only the job of govt. officials in their roles; but every citizen is a representative of their culture, its principles, and nation. Firstly, we should tend to the state of our compatriots, and understand our freedoms, and why we have them. Freedom is not guaranteed. It is fought for, and can be one day, taken away.

The idea of wanting to coalesce a circle of good, entrepreneurial, literary, and philanthropic individuals for a cause means nothing, if our civil liberties erode.

I greet you therefore, as an American, wherever you are from.

There is a similar underlying principle, that link all our efforts in this country. They are the ideals, all man have strived for, through the ages, and we should improve upon them. I say, I am tired of the state of affairs in my home country. The cynicism, the divisiveness.

destiny and liberty

When Americans begin to have dignity, a sense, or reminder of its destiny or founding purpose, then they will command a new respect, and honor from the world. I am an “American,” a citizen, believing in the value of the U.S. constitution, its foundational institutions of rules, and regulation in managing its government. I think it to be founded on sound principles, and above all, if there is one word besides justice, virtue, and freedom, that can be highlighted, in all my writings, on politics and religion, it is — “liberty.”

Without fighting for civil liberty, there can be no freedom; and the movement I should advocate for, is one of common-sense, and defense through reason. This in simplicity, for the revivification of the founding philosophy, principles and government established by the American founders, and formers. In this, we are each individuals, but also representatives of our countries and nations.

Hence, you and I am a representative of our nations in all the Americas, and of Western civilisation and values, which link us to the world, that have immense value. It is key for us to understand our present and future.

In our realistic goal, it is to see a new esteem or impetus underlying religious, philosophical and scientific thought, as well as art, and not a new system. We guarantee, we will see a nation of people begin to feel more proud of their country, and actually work to make it prosperous, and great; rather than openly and unashamedly work against it. That is the call of a renaissance, not riotism.

what makes nations great besides economic prosperity

When we meet a fellow Russian, Georgian, Uzbekistani, Chinese, Korean, etc., I want them to say, “that’s an American,” in a good sense — a representative of their country, region, and culture. A people that exude a “spirit,” or vigour of a maturing civilisation: A foreigner, whom knows well the region, history, and culture they would stay, for a time, or interact with, will know that such a people know who they are.

The principles and values, are already there. All is needed are those to exhibit, with wise and even tough measure; and the kind of statesmen, philosophers, entrepreneurs, etc., that make good representatives for the nation. Today, the U.S. American Government, does not truly feel dominated and ruled by its own people, nor one of conviction voted by the majority. Many say it is ruled by a shadow government of private financial institutions, the lobbyists, and corporations. Our government officials and political commentators laud democracy, and never speak of us, as a specially-designed Republic with representational system. A government for the rule of law and order. It seems more like a few small groups of men, or financiers dominate the economy, so where is the economic freedom?

american system built on sound principles already

The basis of our system is fine, but there are problems. Those who seek to fundamentally change it, often advocate changing the system. They seem to hardly be aware of what the government actually is, and how it functions. The U.S.’s privately concentrated credit makes it an enslaved nation, and it is easy to be pessimistic, or cynical, but there is still hope left.

Only in that optimism, can we spurn a wise renaissance and action. The cynicism and pessimism of the present-day, has given impetus to Socialistic romantics under and outside of the Democratic banner. I meet American citizens whom argue, the U.S. should have no legitimate existence, and we should just give it back to the “Mexicans,” even though the Americas were not ruled by “Mexicans.”

You decide, what will be your future, and your destiny, as a nation and a people. Ignore vapid and vague idealism in the direction of the internationalists. The kind of tactics dividing the people today, are no different from the tactics that were used by the Spanish, the English, and the French, in the grab for power, through dissention. How can we spread the noblest ideals of the great Philosophers, when we’re being led, everyday, away into a greater servitude [of further debt]?

I see that many of you are already apart of many projects, whom are compatriots in sympathy; and therefore, you should be proud, and work with more vigour and diligence.

Hence, what will make America great, rather than just policies?

The People, their unity, and their love of country, and advanced culture. Develop culture.

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