Prose on Courage on “the Path” through the Zodiacal Cycle

the cult of courage and zeal for self-conquest

When thinking of the oracular sages, we’re reminded of the myth and attributes of Herakles (Ἡρακλῆς).
The twelve telestic labours marking the cycle of life, is encouragement for the candidate on the path of “Justice.”
The strength and might of the soldier, as with Athēna (Minerva), is adopted;
With her owl (eyes) ever beside her, and so, ever beside us.
Let us go up, and embrace the principle of “Wisdom.”
As the hierophant is made, not born. The epoptae earn their right, through merit and purity.
Not a single man, or god, can even sway nemesis or the fates.
The path it is said is narrow, because that is the reality of nature, to hide the treasures
From those who seek to plunder their way through the heavens;
But only make way straight into the hands of error, and despair.
We should place no faith in gods. It is not required, to find our way out of the Nether.
Conquer life at every new term, and cycle, and traverse the path of the Zodiac;
As mirrored in the sidereal image above.
Move straightaway, beyond the labyrinth of this world. Conquer this life, and all its hardships,
And remain poised in the battle, with dignity, and lift up others?
Embrace the courage of the literary spirit, and the soldier — the might of the inner voice.

Charles Edward Perugini
Charles Edward Perugini. Portia from Merchant of Venice.

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