Rocking MrE: Is In-Group Bias Limited to Certain Demographics?

Rocking MrE on In-Group Nepotism, describes how he thinks, about
the pressures and biases of being in groups, relates to me, and perhaps to others as well.

I don’t feel that any movement, or group is beyond reproach. Theosophists and Christians, even Muslims have in my experiences, not understood why I keep questioning what they do and believe. I would say to Rocking MrE, that I have had to learn the same hard lesson, and find myself, in this rogue position, I am now. In reality, I wish the traditions well, to advance, so that the fields of philosophy and religion can, but they do not; and I cannot sit and wait for it. Why go through persecution, even death in certain religions, just to advocate a few changes? Better to begin with one’s own work, than follow others. I really like what Rocking MrE said, and his work in Rocking Philosophy; and posted In-Group Nepotism, because what is elucidated on, is central to the perspective here. Yes; in my life, I have been able to detach from this collective nepotism, but only after learning, studying human behaviour, and seeing the traps of in-group preference, or generally, being controlled by our past evolutionary tendencies, and survivalist tactic. I would think this human development would be important for students; but being human, organisations fall into such patterns, when we should think differently.


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