Heterodox Theology: Luciferous Protogonos, First-Born God of Light

The Luciferous Prōtogonos: First-Born Light and its Origins

LUCIFEROUS refers to the radiance of the first-principle born from the Great Mother and Father of nearly every ancient cosmogony. This will attempt to give a different meaning of lucifer, or the morning star, based on the Graeco-Roman MYSTERIES, as was known under the titles Phanes, Archeus, Apollo, etc. The arch-angel (god) Lux (or L u c i f e r) represents, beyond the myths of eōsphoros and Venus, an ancient primeval deity, known as Prōtogonos (Gr. Πρωτογόνος).

This is P h a n e s (the “first-born” light).

This concerns the idea of the first-born god and references to Light-gods. As stated numerously, there is no individual entity that is lucifer. P h a n e s is the principle in the initial stages of the Theogonies of every great ancient nation. The true meaning is that our luciferous Prōtogonos, without any allusion to the Christian view of EVIL is:

  1. DEITY, in the form of αἰθήρ aithēr and in its essence, Magnes (Lat. prima materia). It is the germ of all things, and Son of the DARKNESS (i.e., CHAOS, Space); and
  2. The first (eldest) God (principle) to emerge out of the Depths of the WATER (Mother-SPIRIT), or from the undifferentiated CHAOS (Space), and the primary aspect of the prima materia. The Mystery is referred to as ‘Mother, Father, Son/Daughter’ depending on the myth. The “first-born” is also technically Magnes in the ante-genesis philosophical theogonies. This is the combination of ‘Father-Son’ in the ante-Christian mythologies. The Father and Son are referenced often as light or fire-gods. In Occultism, the first stage of the cosmic scene is Fiery, and from this are born worlds.

The shadow of the Prōtogonos, or its substance [Magnes], is the sidereal LIGHT. This element is called Lucifer by a few old Occultists. Eliphas Levi termed it lucifer, dressing the occult language with a Christian garb. However, THEOSOPHISTS identify this principle entirely with the cosmic septenate-substance, Aithēr. Between the ether and Aether — ether being a technical distinction created by the Theosophists — lies the various planes of the Astral matter. It is its astral light or sidereal FORCE, Abbe Eliphas Levi calls — lucifer. He further states, that the element can generate force, that can be used by the mage.

“So we have the prophetic message more fully confirmed. You will do well to be attentive to this as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.” (2 Peter 1:19). The “first-born” is the primal radiation from the Absolute. The classical Roman poets taught that this was Apollo’s light, and this light was known as Phanes.

Mother (the WATER) produces its first Son (Intelligence), “son of the ‘Dawn’,” and all the prōtogenoi (the hosts), called by the ancients — theos. She is the Universal Soul, the Magnes (primordial matter), of the Depths, originating all beings, and pervades all beings. She is the “Holy Ghost,” or Holy Spirit. Its active Power, called Verbum, lying within man, is the secret wisdom of the Spirit the Greeks called — “daimōn”; but the daimōn is Phanes, the light of Apollo, or of the First principle, the noumenal FIRE, that is made alight by friction, or through mystic dunamis.

There are three principle aspects in Theogony:

(a) CHAOS: There was the termless time of Eternal NIGHT when “Nought Was”; then
(b) THEOS: the CREATIVE GOD (a Unity of Potencies) evolves out of the Chaos†; and
(c) KOSMOS: the visible, or manifested Universe, the first condition of which is — fiery.

Three aspects of the Great Serpent of Eternity (the Unrevealed God, or SPACE). All three equal the ONE UNKNOWN SPACE.

† In b, THEOS combines the NUMBERS. The b overlaps with c, which is like this boundless field or playground of universes from a standpoint of omnipresence, perpetually appearing and disappearing. It is compared to breathing-in and breathing-out.

The Secret Doctrine explains, that the LIGHT-GOD called in some mythologies the “first-born” {Son}, is the first radiation to emerge from Father-Mother, i.e., Space in the first stage of cosmogony. This formulae is throughout the classical Hellenistic and Pre-Olympian mythology. In the Jewish and Chaldean (i.e., Kabbalah), and Hindu cosmogonies, we have the same detail of the formative periods of life, from the passive and ineffable principle, within termless time. In the next stage, the active period commences, in which the one essence makes it-self visible, then expands from the Eternal Cause its latent Force; and becomes an active Power. All of this issued from the “mother of all” the gods, “Soul of souls” — the Spirit brooding over primeval CHAOS, the Water, “the Deep” in Bere’shith and the Enûma Eliš.

in the Siphra Dzeniouta

Kabbalism, teaches about a similar idea in the Siphra Dzeniouta§ and Father-Mother, or the Ancient One (SPACE):

“(429.) From a Light-Bearer (one of the seven sacred planets) of insupportable brightness proceeded a radiating Flame, dashing off, like a vast and mighty hammer, those sparks which were the prior worlds.

(430.) And with most subtle ether were these intermingled and bound mutually together, but only when they were conjoined together, even the great Father and great Mother.

(431.) From Hoa, himself, is ab, the Father; and from Hoa, himself, is ruach, the Spirit; who are hidden in the Ancient of Days, and therein is that Ether concealed.

(432.) And it was connected with a Light-Bearer (a planet and its angel or regent), which went forth from that Light-Bearer of insupportable brightness, which is hidden in the bosom of Aima, the Great Mother.” (S.L. Mather. 1912. The Kabbalah Unveiled: Lesser Holy Assembly, Chapter X, no. 429-432, p. 298)

“Father-Mother” (SPACE) is the DEITY  throughout ancient Mesopotamia, in its highest philosophical conception.

sun of morning

The name of lucifer is traced here by a Youtuber to several things:


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