Triggered by Swastikas and Stars of David

Combined symbols in the emblem of Theosophists, the Star of David conjures images of the Holocaust, and the Hakenkreuz conjures fears about Nazis.

THE SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE of the secret doctrine of the ages is established upon natural and pure transcendental metaphysical realities, in connection to life and cosmos. Two symbols, having hitherto become that of two political ideologies, the four-armed wheel (or cross) and the double-interlaced triangle, were before then, of the combined symbol of the Theosophical Society.

FASCISM is the great buzzword of the hour, and National Socialism brings to us the psychological torment from the images of the second “World War,” but this is understood by us. Although, we cannot and should not ever change, deny, or reject our own expression, thereby obstructing ourselves from explaining and promoting our ideas. The symbols simply cannot be abandoned, as they are central to the history, and points to the existence of the WISDOM-TRADITION and the Secret Sciences; and not to Fascist and Nazi doctrine and such individuals who cared nothing for us, then blinded man even more — made them fear to investigate, and irrationally, not understandably so. This was a great mistake, the theosophists intended on avoiding and fixing, from the mistakes or botched result of past movements, similar to the theosophical.

Swastikas and the Star of David


The symbol of the T.S. has both the equilateral four-armed cross, and the double-interlaced triangle.


Four-Armed Cross, or Swastika pictured below:

The Double-Interlaced Triangle, or Solomon’s Seal picture below:


We commonly recognize the former symbol as used by the National Socialists Party and Reich. We recognize the second in the flag of Israel, and the political Zionism of Theodor Herzl. The first is neither purely Indian, nor the second, purely Semitic. They are mystic symbols belonging to Humanity and ancient history, with meanings employed in the ancient cults, or the culture of the MYSTERY SCHOOLS. The first symbolizes much more than PEACE, but Cosmic Motion itself; and the second, in the theosophical symbol is encircled by a serpent biting its own tail, symbolizing Duration, or the Cycle of Time. It does not symbolize a secret romantic love, or devotion for Satan.

The swastika was once a commonly-used symbol.

German Nazis or an American Basketball Team?

Hockey Teams and Army Forces in Canada, Finland, and elsewhere…

Even Athena in Ancient Greece —

Aryanism and Superior Races

Today’s theosophical writers do not venture into solving racial divisions, or the studies of ethnology and molecular anthropology. According to the early Theosophists however, and the Buddhist men in correspondence with Alfred P. Sinnett and Allan O. Hume, they find the study of anthropology and ethnology important. The late 19th to early 20th century German thinkers however, were interested in the studies of race, ethnology, eugenics, and the rise and fall of nations and civilizations. Blavatsky writes about the latter, as the teaching of the Cycles recognizes this inevitable law.

The Occult History of the Third Reich, is a documentary that claims Blavatsky thought of seven evolutionary stages of humanity, and the seventh are said to be called Aryans, which is incorrect. The swastika it claims, is their symbol. Helena Blavatsky, demonstrates her concepts through sources, e.g., the root-races existing in the Chinese Shu-King, American (Guatemalan) lore, Puranas and Avesta, so she did not invent the concept out of the blue.

What Blavatsky explains of these “root races” is strikingly different from Lanz von Liebenfels and the Theozoologists of the Ostara. Liebenfels and the Thule believed things, like animal origins of the Semites through sodomy, similar to the Qur’an on the Jews (see Suras 2:65, 5:60, and 7:166) opposed to their divine origin story of the Aryans (Germanic ethnology) as an “elect,” or “noble” race. Modern ‘Aryanists,’ or ‘Neo-Nazism’ do not have this metaphysical aspect, but an ethnic and particularistic nationalist philosophy.

H.P.B. thought the idea of dividing mankind into superior and inferior races was obsolete. The Proto-Indo-European and Indo-European peoples were of variant gradation, and phenotype; and in a time when the British colonies asserted their superiority over the dark-skinned Indians and others, Helena Blavatsky regarded this as a hindrance to “universal brotherhood.” She often in her writings, makes sure to quote “inferior,” generally mocking the English peoples for their ‘habits of thought,’ in regarding lower classes, and the “blacks,” or brown-skinned of any nation, as beneath them.

Theosophy has been criticized as laying emphasis on an esoteric dimension. It is said, this made it seem only outsiders could interpret a culture’s scriptural literature correctly; and these outsiders, are nothing but the reviled “European,” i.e., white people, or the colonialists, now ever forced to pay for their sins in guilt. Hence, a few academics and leftists have criticized Theosophists as merely white colonialists, when it was influenced by non-Western people.

It is claimed in old rumors, that Hitler kept the SD by his bedside, but these people and the German ‘Esotericists’ apparently missed the fact that even if Adolf Hitler read The Secret Doctrine, or other works of H.P.B., the Aryans and Chaldeans spoken of, among other notable peoples, are described also as “dark-skinned.” The Aryans are most of humanity today, according to Helena Blavatsky. She excludes the Dayak of Borneo, the Australoid and Capoid races, claiming them to be mixed remnants of “Lemurians” and “Atlanteans.”

In Lucifer, Vol. 6, No. 58, June 1893, pg. 273-83, Helena Blavatsky explains, the “aborigines of Western Europe, and our distant ancestors were black, and far blacker.” They highlight the classical thinkers, whom spoke glowingly of the origins of Asiatic Ethiopians. The 19th century Theosophists spoke of the Chaldeans as “dark-skinned” in the sense of their brown shade, rather than pale white..

Most surprisingly, concerning accusations, H.P.B. said actually, the Aryan and African are of the same origin:

“The unity of the human species was accepted by the illustrious Professor of Cambridge (U.S.A.) [Professor Agassiz] in the same way as the Occultists do – namely, in the sense of their essential and original homogeneity and their origin from one and the same source: – e.g., Negroes, Aryans, Mongols, etc., have all originated in the same way and from the same ancestors.” (Helena Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 2., fn. pg. 607)

In a draft of Blavatsky’s Coming Race: Nationalism, Racism, and Fiction in Theosophical Doctrine, the author asserts a strange claim, that H.P.B. believed human skin darkened, because humanity became “black with sin.” She never said that. Is Theosophy Racist about Africans answers this. The line from a commentary on the stanzas from the Book of Dzyan on “black with sin,” had nothing to do with African people. The subject was on the myth of Prometheus and procreation, according to Greek and Indian Puranic Tradition.



We’ve no idea how Aryanism became a romantic ideal about blonde and blue-eyed genetics, but it’s not theosophy, German, or fact.

Now, some peoples of the ancient world are known by others for their incredible virtue, food, warrior skills, hunting skills, knowledge — anything. It is entirely possible that an entire people, or nation is capable of embodying an identity, whether it is degenerative, or noble, and fascist philosophy (Italian) tries to curtail the people alongside the Romish values of masculinity, strength, tradition, etc. It is entirely possible for one particular people, or another to excel above others in one or more things.

The truth of theosophy discourages the people away from self-denigration, and cultural degeneration. It is possible for a People to become noble, or be led by noble leaders, monarchs, etc. In fact, Helena P. Blavatsky gives us some example of just such a peoples. H.P. Blavatsky speaks of the Druzes, often as an ethnic admixture of peoples with the Kurds. Consider also the natives of Central Asia, in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and others, like the Samoan people to name a few, i.e., people with an ancient story, legends, and sense of destiny. H.P.B. speaks of the Chaldeans as a pastoral nation and Pre-Babylonian tribe, or caste of Hierophants from Kashmir, Tartary, Mongolia, China, Tibet, and India, devoted to the ancient sciences of arts and Astronomy.

Interpretation of Theosophy as Eurocentric

Frankly, who cares if it is, if Western Theosophists are aimed at reviving the Western cultures, but for this situation, we can actually argue, that there’s also the Asian and Russian context and ancient principles, more stronger than a sense of “Eurocentricity.”

It appeals to the very heart of each people and values what is noble of them.

We can say, Theosophy is generally of the “Orient,” or of Asia meeting the West, and not the West purely meeting a romanticist ideal of Asia. Blavatsky’s Russia is a bridge between Asian Russia and Europe, and she was more close to the Slavophiles. Theosophy was promulgated by Asians themselves, trying to infuse the West with their noblest ideas, and remind Westerners of their own crushed out by Europeans themselves.

So now, the two ancient and sacred symbols have become represented as two opposing sociopolitical forces, used in a narrative to support the preservation and cause of Jewish Zionism and Israel.

The chief disagrees.
The chief disagrees.

Then also, Dionysian mosaic 17 centuries old and in India.

The symbol of the Theosophical Society has both a swastika or double bent-arm cross, with a double interlaced triangle, which are not of Semitic origin. H.P.B. and her teachers, in their letters had a spiritually-infused philosophy, and nationalist fervour for the reawakening of the spirit of their Indian country. None of this is centered on the superiority of “White people” uber alas! They aren’t white, and do not see themselves as “white.” William Q. Judge was of Irish descent, and Helena P. Blavatsky a Russian. Trying to graph a solely Western European, which equals in critical theory, “White racist imperialist” outlook on H.P.B. and Theosophy, is inaccurate and misleading.


America is often referred to as “an experiment.” Helena P. Blavatsky’s views on Race and America, upon her emigration would be studied in academia as her merely constructing it, based on 19th century science, fiction and concepts of a North American poly-ethnic people, resulting in a “new race.” The concepts she holds, are based upon an evolutionary tract of humanity, especially based on patterns now, extending 100,000’s to millions of years, in which indefinitely, humans would be different: ethnically, mentally, and physically. It might not agree with Neo-Darwinian evolution, but the general idea is that the state of humanity is not static. Whether through wars, colonization, natural disasters, eugenics, technological DNA splicing, or in the case of the European Union — forced experimentation for Pan-Europeanism, etc., etc., it is not static and will change. Fundamentally, Theosophists hold mankind to be of one common origin.

Using the four-armed wheel was common before the German N.S. Yet, we have the flag of Israel, standing triumphant with the double-interlaced triangle today, while the swastika is demonized. These are your ancestor’s symbols — Humanity’s symbols, now a remembrance of pain and war.

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