Satanic Panic Returns: Marina Abramovic, Pedophilia Rings, Aleister Crowley

Many people are no longer convinced that Marina Abramović is merely a performance artist. As was shown in the Reddit post, Marina Abramović, actually knows about the ideas of ‘occult magic’ — or what we term ‘occult arts’ — enough to know that the art she performs can be used for two distinguishable functions based on intentions: 1] entertainment and performance, or 2] a rite (see Marina Abramovic and “Spirit Cooking”: Reddit Posting).

Now, many people within what is called a “Christian truther movement,” like A Call for an Uprising are very angry with Marina Abramović. People are absolutely convinced, without any concrete evidences, that the artist is a Satanist, a Crowleyite, or Witch.

If you can demonstrate this to be, then show the evidences.

The people are prepared if proven tomorrow, to have her and others burned at the stake. I think people should stay focused, because there are so many presuppositions and ideas underlying the accusations hurled at Marina Abramović. I have tried to watch people’s videos, but they take every chance in them to evangelize their religion.


So, I will name some theories, that are all used, in the accusations against Marina Abramović, and makes it difficult for me to follow:

  1. The evil ‘Hidden Hand’ group, called Illuminati. It does not only implicate a hidden elite, which may exist. Depending on the controversialist, it implicates much more: a global anti-Christian conspiracy, or a global Masonic, Theosophical, Jewish conspiracy. It could never admit, that maybe Christianity is declining for other reasons besides “those Jews,” and “Draconian-Masonic bloodlines.” It is reactionary, and irrational, that certain Christians are also growing increasingly anti-secularist.
  2. Satan and Lucifer exists, and they can be conjured.
  3. The Bible and its mythology is true and depicts an ancient cosmic history of God versus Satan and Lucifer, Angels versus Demons.
  4. Marina Abramović is a Satanist or Crowleyite. [Yes.] or [No.] Yes — implies all the above is [MUST BE] true.
  5. Crowleyeans or Thelema is Satanism and Luciferianism (see The Arcane Archives).
  6. Marina Abramović is connected to a Pedophile ring through John Podesta’s contacts.
  7. Marina Abramović is possessed by a demon.


These are all views I have heard, which we will not endorse.

Marina Abramović is said to be adopting Aleister Crowley’s rites into that particular project, now upon which all her work is judged by the public. In respect to Thelemites, is Spirit Cooking actually a specific Thelemic rite of Aleister Crowley, or adapted by him? No one has come with an answer, on either sides.

I usually like art, that incorporates Goth, contemplativeness, magic, fantasy, dark passion, etc., and there is a market for it. Unlike actual art/film I congratulated some time ago, The Neon Demon, I liked that mix of fashion, horror (or thriller), and depraved gnostic symbolism. There is even more extreme art than Marina Abramović’s, and this news came out right after Halloween. Is Marina Abramović’s art a love letter to Satan? I would disagree. It is really not about Abramović.

I also cannot defend celebrities, because I don’t like them using occult symbolism or trolling, to generate controversy and money.

At any rate, their desperation makes me feel a little …


Whether she is a witch or not, I don’t see the case that Marina Abramović is a pedophile.

So, drop that.

Now, concerning —


Aleister Crowley has acquired a great mythic persona in pop culture.

For some, he personifies the reality of Anti-Christ.

Is this the most depraved, the Devil can get?

Is this the best Satan does?

Apparently, people think Marina Abramović now is a Crowleyite.

They do the same to Helena P. Blavatsky, and say she was a Satanist.

Perhaps Marina knows of Thelema, or Aleister Crowley. Ask her if that is specifically her private philosophy.

She says, she is not a Satanist.


Marina Abramović, has certain broadly gnostical (i.e., mystic) outlook, because in one video, she speaks about the “Higher Self” (the “Over-soul”). She added, that she was able to get into a certain mental space for her work, and she identified that space as the Higher Self. The Christians against her say, she is possessed and she’s mocking them.

I think she has a good sense of humor.

And an interesting idea in integrating art and ritual.

So, out of all this, Marina Abramović does know about occult rites, and symbolism. This is the fact we’ve established, but that’s about it.

For further criticism read Satanic Panic Returns: ‘The Occult World of Marina Abramovic’ by Manon Welles


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