Against Pseudo-Vincentians and Illiberalism: Christina H. Sommers and Ben Shapiro speaks in Chicago

American politics no longer a ‘turn-about game?’ Democratic and alternative coalitions already preparing for next election cycle. Trump’s position of power, is opportunity to “drain the swamp,” and unveil the deceit in the American Political Parties and Journalism.

Christina H. Sommers & Ben Shapiro share space at Greenhouse Theatre, going against pseudo-Vincentians of DePaul and illiberal malignancy leeching on our Society. Shapiro defies ban; Sommers protects Liberalism.

Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), hosted Christina Hoff Sommers yesterday night, Nov. 15, at DePaul University in Chicago, and I went to the event, being apart of YAF through the College Republicans. Christina Hoff Sommers, feminist, and Democrat spoke to the audience about the theory of intersectionality, ‘safe spaces,’ and tactics in this country, that are used to subvert constitutional rights and free speech.

During the event, Ben Shapiro, conservative political commentator, was outside, talking with security, as they threatened to arrest him, barring him from entering the Cortelyou Common building at DePaul University. Christina H. Sommers wanted to give Ben Shapiro time to speak, and instead, we moved the venue to Greenhouse Theatre.

At the Greenhouse Theatre. I was standing right in the far-back right-screen, next to the man in the black suit. The room was full, so they had a second room, hooked to a television for others there.

About DePaul and Pseudo-Vincentians
using Catholic Saint for Political Agenda

DePaul University, has been getting in the news, since the Milo Yiannopoulos event last year. It is a private Catholic ‘illiberal arts’ and progressives’ safe-haven, claiming their prejudiced actions falsely, in the name of Monsignor John Egan and St. Vincent de Paul.

They are stretching their progressive politics, into the administration, staff faculty, program directors, and DePaulia. The DePaulia is the campus’s newspaper, run by pseudo-Vincentian DePaulians, that wrote a paper titled, Editorial: With Vincentian values in mind, Clinton for President, effectively, degrading the standard of the classical Grecian concept of a liberal arts education.

It is degraded, because the student-body is protected from opposing viewpoints, and in our case, a specifically conservative, “cis-gendered” Jew. I am really taken aback about this incredibly organised deception, that has seeped into the public consciousness.

The American President-Elect, Donald J. Trump, usually speaks about the stupidity of leaders in Washington; but others, believe there is a shadow government of oligarchs and corporations, dictating the markets, mainstream media narrative, &c. I don’t know, but American mainstream local news and print journalism have become blatant, unquestioned propagators of the liberal monolith (propaganda). The young DePaulians, have mimicked the tactic of those journalists, ever since the Milo event in deceitful fashion.

American Journalism has been unveiled in this election cycle, forcing many to search for other reliable and not so reliable sources, for their information. Biased reporting, to support one candidate, in highly ideological terms, has now, discredited, and ought to officially discredit the mainstream media, which under the Constitution, should be its bastion, rather than twisting the narratives and headlines, for their own agenda.

They say they’re neutral, and use the pieces of misinformation, that do come from non mainstream media outlets, to reinforce the idea, that because a media outlet is under corporate ownership, and has a vast American audience, or easier access to them, that they are automatically trustworthy. I think, they’re stupid, and there must be psychological issues, from the higher-ups on down, but I am also convinced, it is organised, and predictable.

We have the Congress and the Judiciary, to deal with the issue, but so many people are just dumbfounded, that the American media could be so ignoble and manipulative, openly. I am convinced, they will not, and that it is unforgivable, and unpardonable, because, the dishonest journalism aided in successfully dividing Americans, and confounding both our understanding of the political spectrum and “liberalism.” It was a point, where it mirrored 1930’s Germany and Russia propaganda, and now, they have a legion of useful people, sacrificed for the greater good of the Party, or the agenda of a few, and their chess-masters.

This is one of the fundamental issues going on, that educators, have the duty of fixing, and that is actually honestly educating, about the ideologies, and the history of the Parties, and “Progressivism.” It’s a subversion, especially through language, and I don’t think we can joke about it, anymore. We don’t want any political union between the leftists and rightists, or the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The Democratic Party has now, the arsenal of a very predictable program, and they absolutely believe, anyone else is racist, bigoted, xenophobic, etc., who disagrees with them, because it works. Their votaries repeat them like a dogma, and will not change the approach, nor their blatant manipulation. We need to work on a new Reconstruction of American Journalism, pronto, and investigate, because my compatriots are not idiots.

Trevor Loudon spoke a couple years ago in his book The Enemies Within on the roots of what’s happening —


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