Heterodox Theology: Hecate — the Triune Genetrix


Along the path Hecate goddess of Death (lunar), giver of Life (divine) greets. Hecate — “The Divine Mother,” MORNING STAR (Stella matutina) — QUEEN OF HEAVEN, the Immaculate Virgin Goddess. Whence and whom be the Immaculate Goddess; and Blessed she Be the Soteira, whose dignity Have never been trammelled upon, and She (Queen of the World), patron of Magic and Mage, source of Magic, whom the gods fear. She, the parthenogenetic creatrix, Existing in overlaying threes (the TRIUNE Genetrix), gave birth to differentiation. The light of Man, twin of Apollo, Diana, HUNTRESS of All, they follow you in facing the MYSTERIES OF life DIVINE and infernal DEATH on “the ROAD,



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