Marina Abramovic Still Doesn’t Give a Fuck: VICE Meets Interview

Light Side/Dark Side

VICE Meets: Marina Abramović Still Doesn’t Give a Fuck. I don’t either.

I am going to be really honest about Marina Abramović. I actually like performance art, and especially, if it uniquely incorporates certain metaphysical elements. It is not really a masochistic art style, as I know the work of others, but it draws my interest, and she as the artist, has a great personality and philosophy that imbues her work. As I said, I excuse Marina Abramović, and do not think she is connected to the controversy about sex slave trafficking, and pedophilia. People are calling her a witch, and so forth. I feel defensive maybe, because she has her own ideals, and people have been misunderstanding her ideas for her work, and that isn’t new for Marina Abramović. What if she is a witch? What if I really don’t think it’s bad to be a witch, because I don’t.


“Part Shaman, Part Joker.” (Deborah Levy)

Is more correct.

Anyway, she shows in the interview that she is daring, and tries to push herself to the limits, and that has culminated in her years of work. I can tell, her and her work is unique, as if performance art was like designing a sacred temple, having its metaphysical meanings, etc. The Deborah Levy piece goes into her major themes.

I actually don’t like, how music entertainers are utilising subliminal symbols in their performances, or incorporating repetitive gothic and dark themes, because the entertainment industry is not showing any uniqueness. It is as if, the same artist made all of their videos, and they are trying so hard using the same gothic themed formulas, to seem important and mysterious, and I think they’re amateurs and copyists. But Marina Abramović is a performance artist, the mastermind of her work, and of her own energetic sphere, and I like it.

My entire approach, since young to occult studies/research, is a major theme of her work.

Which is why I relate —

Abramović asks a
question she has
explored all her life: how
do we learn to fear? How
do we unlearn to fear?

Deborah Levy writes.

I wish I could have a conversation with Marina Abramović, and I can understand the rationale in her art.

You have people, and you have one incredible performance artist, famed in what she does in her field, and so many people are ripping her apart for it. Imagine, the rest of us trying to breakthrough with similar style.

I’d take Spirit Cooking over this Gabbi Colette’s Interior Semiotics performance anyday —

She must be a Satanist I’m guessing too … And Marina, compared to this anyday —

Marina Abramović’s art doesn’t seem to be purely based on dark elements either, but primarily on trusting. There is a theme of trusting, and taking on the emotions and suffering of those participating with her, in her act, and that can be liberating, and therapeutic. So, I think people should look at Marina from different angle.

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