C. Jinarajadasa, Freemasonry, and the Hidden-Hand Theory

Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa, a second-generation theosophist, mason†, and fourth international president of the Theosophical Society, from 1945-1953, had promoted the idea that the Yogi initiates of the Himalayas and Masters, were the hidden invisible government of the world§. A.P. Sinnett also gave this incorrect impression, that was characteristic of theosophical writers between the 1900-1930’s.

The concept however, may be traced to myths about Shambhala.

“We must now be realistic,
or we do the cause great harm.”
(Edward L. Gardner, in 1963)

§ To read more on the Hidden-Hand Theory in Theosophy see →


† Helena Blavatsky was not extremely fond of Modern Freemasonry or “Masonic Templarism” nor the Jesuit Order of Loyola; yet authors and articles speak of her “connection to Freemasonry” and the “Illuminati,” because of a diploma a Masonic lodge gave to her as a gift. Diplomas and ranks do not make the adept. People who dealt with the woman recount that she was not a person that thanked or delighted in courting praise for herself, other than for her cause. Helena P. Blavatsky did not care about the diploma. She even in several articles makes difference between ancient Masonry and Freemasonry. Speaking on “diploma-carrying Masons,” she remarked how by the end of the 19th c., in the U.S., they became a social club. This is not to deride them, but to state a fact.

The Warning to Annie Besant

“A psychic and a pranayamist who has got confused by the vagaries of the members. The T.S. and its members are slowly manufacturing a creed. Says a Tibetan proverb “credulity breeds credulity and ends in hypocrisy.” How few are they who can know anything about us. Are we to be propitiated and made idols of? Is the worship of a new trinity made up of the blessed M., Upasika {i.e., a female disciple, or H.P.B.} and yourself to take the place of exploded creeds? We ask not for the worship of ourselves. The disciple should in no way be fettered. Beware of an esoteric popery.

(…) The T.S. must safely be ushered into the new century. You have for some time been under deluding influences. Shun pride, vanity and love of power. Be not guided by emotion but learn to stand alone. Be accurate and critical rather than credulous. The mistakes of the past in the old religions must not be glossed over with imaginary explanations. (…) The crest wave of intellectual advancement must be taken hold of and guided into spirituality. It cannot be forced into beliefs and emotional worship. (…) Misleading secrecy has given the death blow to numerous organizations.

The cant about the “Masters” {teasing their ideas and delusions of them} must be silently but firmly put down. Let the devotion and service be to that Supreme Spirit alone of which one is a part. Namelessly and silently we work and the continual references to ourselves and the repetition of our names raises up a confused aura that hinders our work. (…) To accomplish this object those who lead must leave aside their weak predilections for the forms and ceremonies of any particular creed and show themselves to be true Theosophists (…)” (K.H.’s last letter to Annie BesantLetters from the Masters of the Wisdom First Series ed., edited by C. Jinarajadasa, Letter no. 46, pg. 99)

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Articles on the Subversive Nature of Pseudo-Theosophy

[Note: H.P. Blavatsky coined the term Pseudo-Theosophy.]


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