European Anti-Jesuitism | Monita Secreta, “The Secret Instructions of the Jesuits,” 1723

Theosophists were opposed to this order now enjoying great reputation, as were many other men of the time and prior. The public would wonder, ‘what could be corrupt about the Jesuits, or the Catholics, because they are filled with charity, world services, missionary work, and education.’

The issue the Jesuit, Mason, Theosophist, and Jew collectively have to contend against are forged documents, and letters, hoaxes, and libel, surmising a plot of either of the four independently or combined. Libel and myths have become so uncorrected within the public, that controversialists put them all together in a single ‘Illuminati-theory.’ Here is a paper called From European Anti-Jesuitism to German Anti-Jewishness that deals with the subject, as well as the Monita Secreta.



The Catholic Encyclopedia defends the Monita Secreta as a hoax.

Odd, anti-masonic hoaxes and libel against Theosophy are not treated with similar objectivity by our gracious adversaries.

Monita Secreta, or “The Secret Instructions of the Jesuits,” was published in 1723 by John Walthoe, in a time when the Jesuits did not have the unquestioned fame or hospital reputation they enjoy today. The writer is claimed to be an ex-Jesuit, who says that the members of the Jesuit order were not even aware of the real agenda of the Jesuits. To render itself acceptable to the society, or a place, the strategy of the order was to meet the needs of the poor, prisoners, hospitals, and the afflicted, leading them to admire and love the Jesuits. Today, the Jesuits are reputed and trusted as nurturing great educational institutions, and they do. This would cause the people to be more liberal towards them, the Monita Secreta states. In the section of Vows and Instructions, it claims, that the Jesuits hid their money in Roman Treasury, and obtained property through secret friends and indirect associates. Their aim was to acquire wealth and to protect the Church, and in truth they’ve been successful.



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