National Faith, Patriotism, and the “Front National”

The people, increasingly unafraid of nationalism. Old buzzwords that invoke fear have lost power.

The grasp of a manipulative press on the minds of many people are being lifted.

We await until the establishment begins to co-opt and poison that fervour that is swelling in Europe and America, because it may get them votes, rising on the waves of “Populism.” They also use this term persistently to mean a kind of anti-intellectualism of Populism. They have not even admitted a single time we were right.

It is the very condescending tone in their journalism.

The new fervour is co-operative, and aims at a period of peace, to rebuild our fronts at home, in our countries.

Antinationalistic fervour reveals itself to be but the squealing of reactionaries traumatized by the Wars. It is therefore, inescapable for the modern Internationalist, the child and descendant of those periods, despite also their ideal to bring nations together, to be antinationalist, or working against one’s culture. The “Left” and others portray it as synonymous with fascismo. This is why the American, British, German Press persistently use the term “far-right,” as if it frightened us. They implant their word references and construct associations to contrary and negativistic notions. Even 2017 French Presidential candidate François Fillon for Les Républicains, has adopted the same elements of the “Front National.” It is not chiefly nationalistic fervour that drive men to war, as it can be perfectly adapted and tempered. Patriotism is also bringing ‘the people aboard.’

Hold both, bravely and within reason. The processes in motion demonstrate, that our ‘pro-national’ expression is right for the times, if only now we may also induce the people to bring back the esteem of true Philosophy.

All of the highest, or noblest elements of your nations may be restored, no, even enhanced.



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