The Occult and Vampirism

Like the first evolutions of the projector image — the shadow plays, the magic lantern and camera obscura, and the phantasmagorie of France of 1920, Nature works this way, and there is always a cause underlying the phenomena, whether real or an illusion of the mental state. Irrational fear is weakness, yet, we have a culture utilising this fear, that is counterproductive. In a way, it frightens students from investigating into “the unknown.” Only those prepared can study.

As must be known, the o c c u l t i s t takes a scientific, or experimental approach to their investigations, on differing paths.

Do the possibilities, and potentialities frighten you? Most people do not believe, and will not understand.

I’ll grant you this, and we contend so because we know — that there is a truth to “DARK OCCULTISM” so-called; to adrenaline, amorous desire, and euphoria derived from blood; to conjuration of potencies in nature by use of blood; energy and blood-absorbing (or blood-consumption); psychic and astral-psychic vampirism — not mere emotional vampirism†. The old folklore of the undead are not always needed, given the ability to consciously move out of the living body. Then, there’s clinically diagnosed categories, such as blood addiction.


These actions require degrees of mental and moral depravity, and run coordinate with clinical and psychiatric issues. It is also much more complex than that. Old folklore has in ways come back to pop culture, and there are three main things heard in conspiratorial notions that are true, or happens:

[1] CEREMONIAL-ORIENTED pedolphilia,
[2] Sexual m a g i c, and
[3] Blood-lust (feeding and siphoning).

All subjects of culture, folklore and the occult, that are still around.


Emotional vampirism, is not occult, but mental or physical abuse.


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