Oswald Mosley on Multiculturalism, and Black Pigeon Speaks on Post-Nationalism

“It is childish nonsense to say that a British Government rules Britain. It’s nothing to do with British Government or the British People!”

The Financial Government of the World exploiting peoples

Oswald Mosley lived in the time, when Europe began to promote multiracialism. He critiques the underlying economic and finance powers, and how the exploitations of peoples used as cheap labour, ruined European Civilisation and isn’t to do anything with ‘Brotherhood.’ Oswald Mosley notes, that in his time, they called it “multiracialism,” which is in line with the Pan-Europeanism of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. Oswald Mosley was founder of the British Union of Fascists ‘32 in the United Kingdom. Although, not fond to the counter-revolutionaries, and traditionalist conservatives, his view is an intriguing angle, as opposed to the leftist repetitive narrative of the “imperial” West, with absolutely nothing good of itself. Bypass, if you can what he was, and realise he has the experiences on his side.

This is what happens, when a people no longer believe in themselves.

We get hollowed-out.

Here are examples of hollowing out the Identity of a country —

The Big Questions: Should We Promote A United British Identity?

Black Pigeon Speaks on Post-National Canada


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