Oswald Mosley on Multiculturalism and Canada’s Post-Nationalism

“It is childish nonsense to say that a British Government rules Britain. It’s nothing to do with British Government or the British People!”

The Financial Government of the World exploiting Peoples

Oswald Mosley was founder of the British Union of Fascists ‘32 in the United Kingdom. He lived in the time when Europe began to promote multiracialism, which is of particular interest, and who he blames. He critiques the underlying economic and finance powers, and how the exploitation of peoples used as cheap labour ruined European Civilisation and isn’t to do anything with ‘Brotherhood.’ Oswald Mosley notes, that in his time, they called it “multiracialism.” It is very strange I have to watch your British shows, and see British immigrants debating your native inhabitants about your identity, saying — “you have no identity?” It is they who are the ones without it. Perhaps, you believe them. You have no identity, because you forgot how to express it deeply, philosophically, and romantically. These are your lands, and where your ancestors died. I have read of it and learned of the history since a child. It is very odd what is going on, at the hands of elected officials. Oswald Mosley is called by some a traitor to Britain, but this is what many do not get about the way I see things, and never asking anyway. It is his expression of his soul and love for his historic people, to whom he is close, and is bonded with, that I have seen gone from your eyes and hearts. You can see an example of what I have stated of immigrants on The Big Questions.

The Big Questions: Should We Promote A United British Identity?

This is what happens, when a people no longer believe in themselves.

It is suicidal and becomes hollowed-out.

Here are examples of hollowing out the Identity of a country —

‘Black Pigeon Speaks’ on Post-National Canada


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