Oswald Mosley on Multiculturalism and Canada’s Post-Nationalism

“It is childish nonsense to say that a British Government rules Britain. It’s nothing to do with British Government or the British People!”

The Financial Government of the World exploiting Peoples

Oswald Mosley was founder of the British Union of Fascists ‘32 in the United Kingdom. He lived in the time when Europe began to promote multiracialism. He critiques the underlying economic and finance powers, and how the exploitation of peoples used as cheap labour ruined European Civilisation and isn’t to do anything with ‘Brotherhood.’ Oswald Mosley notes, that in his time, they called it “multiracialism,” which is in line with the Pan-Europeanism of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. I like what he stated, because it is plain truth. The descendants of that project of exploitation live in Europe, but I could never agree to Europe sacrificing its peoples to a deliberate demographic shift through mass migration labourers.

The tactics and smears being used against persons rejecting multiculturalism, tells us, how people are just being used for the creation of a federal European Union. It is not true, that non-Europeans should base their entire way of thinking on being vengeful against Europeans, which is happening. There are certain politicians, parties, and sides pushing these agendas, and they try to make it into a racial division. All minorities on this side, and all Europeans fighting for their culture, heritage, language, history, etc., which I even as of no European descent, disfavor that. It is very strange, I have to watch your programs, and see British immigrants debating your people about your identity, and saying, “you have no identity?” You have no identity, because you forgot how to express it deeply, philosophically, and romantically. These are your lands, and where your ancestors died, etc. This is what I love about the European Conservatives, and those who think like that. Oswald Mosley is called by some a traitor to Britain, it is still that spirit of love for his people, that I have seen gone from your eyes and hearts.

The Big Questions: Should We Promote A United British Identity?

This is what happens, when a people no longer believe in themselves.

It is suicidal and becomes hollowed-out.

Here are examples of hollowing out the Identity of a country —

‘Black Pigeon Speaks’ on Post-National Canada


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