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Heterodox Theology: The Magistrate of Heaven

SATAN, “magistrate of Heaven.” Ha-Satan and the shedim are all subject to Wisdom and LAW. According to the original belief, SATAN is a member of the Divine Council, or one of “the sons of God” subservient to LAW. Ha-Satan like Loki, tempts humans; but is appointed by God to tempt humans, and reports to God those who transgress the LAW.

Satan, the appointed judge, is a god (daimōn) of the Wisdom, just as God is believed to be both maleficent and beneficent; and God here, being the symbolic representation of LIFE. To the Catholics, Satan is a reality — a lord of the demons. Theologians, have ignorantly slandered ‘Mr. Satan,’ squirming to every mention of the name. In an absolutely just and retributive sense, what humans call abstract “evil,” e.g., a Sun — like that old Saturn, in its death devouring its children is natural LAW. Ha-Satan is but a servant of God. It was the god of Moses whom said: “Thou shalt not revile the gods” (see Exodus 22). It was in Satan that “fear of the Lord” was felt.  Satan, the appointed judge, is a god (daimōn) of WISDOM.

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