The Alt-Right and Subversive Politics: Afraid of Critiquing the Alt-Right?

Understanding the American “Alt-Right” does not take rocket science.

Some ideas — about the Alt-Right

  • The Alt-Right has nothing to do with Mainstream Conservatism.
  • It is not a type of cultural libertarian movement.
  • The Alt-Right is a “racial movement” for “Whites.”
  • It is supremacist and hates leftists, Muslims, Jews, and “niggers” (Blacks, monkey people).
  • Securing the White people existence and a future for White children.
  • Different human groups being of different sub-species or races with different gifts.
  • Each of these groups have sovereign right to live in their own regions.
  • Not imperialistic and hates neocons.
  • Avowedly Pro-Nationalist, but promotes homogeneous Ethno-Nationalist States.
  • Anti-Globalism.
  • Disbelieves in the idea that everyone is equal.
  • Promotes or protects Christian Tradition as the pillar of Western Civilisation.
  • Promotes ‘Graeco-Roman Civilisation’ as the pillar of Western Civilisation.

That, and voila! No need of a long essay.

If you get “triggered” by the facts, that’s not my problem.


If you lack the guts to criticise where bad ideas exist, then don’t join the fight. Integrity and honor is far greater than fearing criticism.

Alternatives should be good, because we need Western Renaissance.

Not a “White Renaissance.” Americans need to move to grander pasteur of Thought. Its racial obsessions as well as its guilt kill its potential.

Are you afraid of understanding, and critiquing the Alt-Right and American ethno-nationalism and identity politics from both political sides? Are you afraid of being called a “cuckjust for critiquing what needs to be? Then you might be just following such ideas, because it’s trendy, and not because you can intellectually debate their points and ideas for policy.

Observe where they are wrong and irrational, and where they are factual and helpful. Yet, be weary, not credulous, because of the conclusions they have arrived at as their policy and core doctrines.




  1. Frankly, I disagree. We need a White Renaissance, which is a Western Renaissance. We just need to stop caring so much about what skin color and superficial characteristics that those “Whites” have.

    Act White, be White. Act otherwise, face the consequences.

    Sadly, some – mostly the ones you’ll find on social media and the diehard racists involved with anything with “storm” in the name – of Alt-Right don’t feel that way. Ah well, useful idiots are useful…if you know when to draw you knives.


    1. A Western Renaissance would not be a White Renaissance. The Renaissance we speak of, is a matter of saving and restoring the archaic Philosophy, especially of men way higher in their thinking than any of the Alt-Right. A “White Renaissance” goes back no further than the pseudo-science of the 18th century. Further back, Europeans also held no high opinion of other Europeans. America’s black/white binary paradigm has affected the way other peoples, who did not originally think of civilisation in that sense see “Western Civilisation,” which is now undeniably composed of elements that are not white/European. A “White Renaissance” helps the liberal/internationalists. Generations and ancestral lines of non-whites in the Americas have a destiny as well, and can aid the West. At this time, in relation to our ideas, the lack of ideas should be supplanted by a revival of a theosophical renaissance.

      You have to move the races to think differently. Identity for us is still important, and Whites so-called do still show pride, except not as “Whites” like Americans do, but as the peoples from whom they come from, or their land of origin, like the Irish, Jews, etc, who do not see themselves as whites. A “White Renaissance” is lazy imo. This is what people forget. We do not spread the culture and ideas our nations were founded upon anymore. We just let citizens cruise, and we don’t impose. Americans don’t know what to think of themselves. Their identity is bland, vague and plain. Alt-Right suggests gathering under Whiteness. This is merely modern thinking. Europeans can actually spread culture without further alienating. I can guarantee, the Alt-Right’s strategy of trying to create these white-only spaces mirroring the left, will not ultimately work.

      In Europe, especially because of this unnecessary migrant crisis, people are still treating long generational minorities like aliens that just arrived yesterday, alienating and shooting themselves in the foot. They aren’t even trying to get them to swing more toward their Philosophy and Economics. If Alt-Right spreads in Americas, this is merely turning American socio-culture into Europe’s. People don’t understand, that the American is different. This Black/Whites paradigm prevents people from seeing the reality, that so-called “Whites” are different themselves. European foreigners all the time telling me, they feel no great relation to “Whites” as a whole, but their people. People speak of ethnic/migrant/refugee enclaves, but Greeks, Polish, Lithuanians, Arabs (now considered white in America), Italians, etc., all have their enclaves, neighborhoods, etc. Alt-Right alienates and helps opp imo.


      1. Here’s the simple thing that you’re ignoring, possibly willfully: This is an American issue and I, and most others, don’t give a flying fig about what Europe does or how they do it. In America, we need a White Renaissance, one that includes and rewards people of any “color” for assimilating into the “White Culture,” which is an amalgam of tag-ends of those Western nations you speak of.

        Be as I am and be my equal. Better me, within my own ways, if you can, and be my better. Fail to do either and face despite. Or just leave and find a cultural context that suits you, one where I and those like me would deserve your despite.


      2. That is not a White Renaissance. Then, why the need to call it White Renaissance. The idea of whiteness have changed four major times in the U.S. It is never going back to the idea that America means whiteness. You are hooked on “White Renaissance.” No one is ignoring anything. The rhetoric of Alt-Right even catches the tongues of people who say they are not Alt-Right. While some of what you say makes sense, it is still degrading, even dehumanizing, by reasserting your status as the “conquerors” who own the right to dictate how things will be run, but that ship has sailed. Europeans, i.e., “Whites” show the racial obsession of the Americans, stifling and choking them. So, I ignore nothing. I recognize that you are just trying to contextualize everything in a special box of “Whiteness”. I am actually writing a blog post about the main elements that make up the “American Order.” American whiteness: just a bunch of people claiming legacies they did not build, nor even exemplify today. No Anglo-descendant (of the old stock American) today would say they own America, because the idea of what is white and considered apart of America expanded, yet even that is still a problem. American whiteness allows an American-Irishmen to claim that by virtue of the White ethnic based on his skin-color, that he is the same people that built the Roman Republic! No sense there. Sounds like the comments I read on AmRen. Whites don’t even adhere to this “cultural context” you speak of. When are we kicking them out?


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