The Alt-Right and Subversive Politics: Afraid of Critiquing the Alt-Right?

Understanding the American “Alt-Right” does not take rocket science.

Some ideas — about the Alt-Right

  • The Alt-Right has nothing to do with Mainstream Conservatism.
  • It is not a type of cultural libertarian movement.
  • The Alt-Right is a “racial movement” for “Whites.”
  • It is supremacist and hates leftists, Muslims, Jews, and “niggers” (Blacks, monkey people).
  • Securing the White people existence and a future for White children.
  • Different human groups being of different sub-species or races with different gifts.
  • Each of these groups have sovereign right to live in their own regions.
  • Not imperialistic and hates neocons.
  • Avowedly Pro-Nationalist, but promotes homogeneous Ethno-Nationalist States.
  • Anti-Globalism.
  • Disbelieves in the idea that everyone is equal.
  • Promotes or protects Christian Tradition as the pillar of Western Civilisation.
  • Promotes ‘Graeco-Roman Civilisation’ as the pillar of Western Civilisation.

That, and voila! No need of a long essay.

If you get “triggered” by the facts, that’s not my problem.


If you lack the guts to criticise where bad ideas exist, then don’t join the fight. Integrity and honor is far greater than fearing criticism.

Alternatives should be good, because we need Western Renaissance.

Not a “White Renaissance.” Americans need to move to grander pasteur of Thought. Its racial obsessions as well as its guilt kill its potential.

Are you afraid of understanding, and critiquing the Alt-Right and American ethno-nationalism and identity politics from both political sides? Are you afraid of being called a “cuckjust for critiquing what needs to be? Then you might be just following such ideas, because it’s trendy, and not because you can intellectually debate their points and ideas for policy.

Observe where they are wrong and irrational, and where they are factual and helpful. Yet, be weary, not credulous, because of the conclusions they have arrived at as their policy and core doctrines.



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