“I Renounce Him! I renounce God!” | Bram Stoker’s Dracula


“I Renounce Him!”

Original Uncut Script

Dracula: “Is this my reward for defending God’s Church?”
Priest: “Sacrilege! Do not turn your back on Christ.”
Dracula: “I renounce Him! I renounce God! …and all you hypocrites who feed off Him!” “If my beloved dies in Hell, so shall I…

I, Dracula!

Voivode of Transylvania…shall arise from my own death…to avenge hers with all the powers of darkness!”

“The blood is the life…
and it shall be mine!”

To renounce that Christōs is to renounce the Life, then which your heart, your mind becomes deeply filled with darkness, different from the blindness of the one who either has never seen its glory, or chooses not to examine the recesses of their mind, e.g., atheist and agnostic. We do not mean, that man whom has examined some arguments, or so, then changes their mind and renounces faith in a religion; but of a renouncement of Self, as greatly as was one’s devotion toward The God. You can have as profound a yearning for the Life as you can in the moment of renouncing. You can do it with great hatred, and conscious focus. You can empty your heart. You can sulk in hatred of the Life, with such great will and inversed love, or through the absence of these. You can inverse the variant emotions and thoughts, and therein lies “secrets.” The secrets of other p a t h s.

So they say.


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