The Decade and Matrix in the Pythagorean Science of Numbers

From the INFINITE SPACE (the No Number, ZERO) preceded all the numbers, which contain in the DECADE (ten)†, all the Universe. That which the ancients called FATHER-MOTHER, is the visible, and invisible expanse of NIGHT beyond the earth and sky, i.e., Space and Substance. It is the Universal MATRIX (Devimatri), from which all her spawn (Nebula, Suns, Stars, and Planets) were gradually born. They are its fish, in the Great Sea (CHAOS), which the ancient civilisations taught, was teeming with life; and “Spirit” is the BREATH (Heat) which alone could organise the physical Kosmos, and its planets. DEITY, from the NO NUMBER, obtains its form through Number [becomes the manifested Word], i.e., the gods, from the smallest unit to the organised systems as a whole. Thus, the Numbers depend on Unity, which is the “absolute harmony or spirit—a chaos to the sense, a perfect cosmos to reason.”


The mystery of the power of numbers goes even beyond the ten, when the combination of the numerical values in arithmetic give the value and nature of the Gods. As Plutarch states in his Isis and Osiris¹, “…the power of the triangle is expressive of the nature of Pluto, Bacchus, and Mars; and the properties of the square of Rhea, Venus, Ceres, Vesta, and Juno; of the Dodecahedron of Jupiter…” One would wonder, as most of us will begin, ‘why conceal such intricate doctrines in nonsensical language and under the figures of geometrical solids?’ THEOSOPHY teaches, that the MYSTERIES was a language of seven dialects, seven qualitative modes of interpretation, i.e., multiple ways of conveying realities, and images of things not born or from this plane. So, when we say we know, that THEOLOGY, has been reduced and hijacked by the Christians, we say it because there is a greater system, which would not threaten, but open up a new field and science, if there were more contemporaries to study it together. This was the chief purpose of founding theosophical groups to gather such minds, who regardless of their class, sex or religion, could lay aside their contentions and work to unveil that system. We demonstrate to the student, that countless minds before them fathomed these same puzzles and share what they could, only to discover how much it was incommunicable from ordinary ways of speech, and education. The Generative MATRIX, gave birth to all things, the Illusion, according to this mathematical philosophy,

The mystics teach, that there is a principle, they call the redeemer, the crown, the liberator, the KURIOS (Lord of Light, or the SPIRIT), through which the mind comes onto the Mind of ALL. Through knowledge, man is saved, or liberated from spheres of the illusion, which grips us, and binds us to the mundane and secular. The Pythagoreans² taught that the way to be liberated from ignorance and this cycle of illusion, was to acquire higher understanding of the universe, through introspective study. Can we revive this inclination?

“The foregoing are all mysteries which must be left to the personal intuition of the student for solution, rather than described.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, pg. 106)

“The contemplation of celestial things will make man both speak and think more sublimely and magnificently when he descends to human affairs”—says Cicero. (Helena P. Blavatsky, Collected Writings, Vol. 6, pg. 347)

“The whole essence of truth cannot be transmitted from mouth to ear. Nor can any pen describe it, unless man finds the answer in the sanctuary of his own heart, in the innermost depths of his divine intuitions.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, pg. 516)

“…the mystical side of the interpretation must be left to the intuition of the student.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, pg. 579)

“The key of the riddle is left to the intuition of the disciple.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, Collected Writings, Vol. 14, pg. 405)

“Experience must be gained” of every evil as good passion mentally, and overcome in thought, by reflection. Love and longing for higher things on a Spiritual plane will thus leave no room for the lower animal longings.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, Collected Writings, Vol. 12, pg.32)

“The Infinite cannot be known to our reason, which can only distinguish and define; but we can always conceive the abstract idea thereof, thanks to that faculty higher than our reason—intuition, or the spiritual instinct.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, Collected Writings, Vol. 11, pg. 258)

† The Rig Veda says, that the one animating principle of all the gods and man, is a UNITY. IT is the eternally self-existent one, that lies behind Hiraṇyagarbha (the Womb) that brings forth a Universe. It is from Hiraṇyagarbha, the drama of creation, and the first gods, and the triune (Trimurti) who are one — Agni (fire), Vayu, and Surya spring forth. The names transliterated in their Latin and Greek originals of the Thrones, seraphs, Dominions, Principalities, Cherubs, demons and denizens, are analogous to the Védic system, under the Devas, Rishis, Pitris, suras and asuras. The triune PRINCIPLE is found in the Kether, Chokmah and Binah, like the three seraphim, and the four “sacred animals,” or cherubim [the cube].

The triune and the seven are the Ten Sefirōt (Attributes, like the ten Pāramitās) of the Jewish Kabbalah that stand for the manifested Universe. This is synthesized by the monotheists into the ONE GOD. In sum, the Decade — represented as the perfect number. The ten are collectively One, issued from the one LORD of all beings.

¹ Huffman, Carl, “Pythagoreanism“, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2016 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.)

² Hall, Manly P., The Secret Teachings of All Ages (1928)

³ The Doctrine of Emanations, or The Pythagorean Science of Numbers, Wisdom World.


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