The American New Right and Mainstream Conservative Reactions

Alt-Right called leftist fascists: “Alt-Right leader, Richard Spencer expelled from CPAC after organizer denounces ‘fascist group.’”

Firstly, they aren’t fascists, and secondly, this is another weakness of the mainstream conservatives, who when finding something detestable are not honest either. The left uses the fascist argument on the Right as a whole, as Kevin MacDonald said, despite my disagreements on “white identity” politics. They are a garden-variety, but not fascists and idealogues of corporativismo. Conservatives have hence felt it necessary to label Adolf Hitler as a “liberal socialist,” and fascism as a bunch of leftists. What all of this is doing, is narrowing who can actually provide alternatives to the status quo. They might have let the dynamism and populist strategy of Donald Trump’s campaign get the better of them; but what the establishment will do after his term, if the young on the Right do not think, is adapt few strategies, and return to business-as-usual. So, they absorb your efforts, your new campaign strategies, and seats won, and will play you.

I already hold that the ingredients for greatness already exist, but that you need exemplars and articulators who can represent Americans as a People, rather than from a race. Meaning, Americans are too busy looking at themselves and projecting onto the outside world, their racial obsessions, and myths about colour-pigment, class and intellect. The world does not look at Americans from the inside-out, but from the outside-in. The world, i.e., sees us as a People, who perhaps were once hopeful leaders, but a young and naive bunch.

This idea of white identity began as a legal construct to devise a new division of a class of people, and not a matter of shared experiences. It is like the acceptance of a religious idea, for which there is no objective evidences, but is accepted as a “social truth.” The same goes for black identity, and both legal constructions are dependent upon each other. European immigrants gave up their unique identities, customs, and language to assimilate to being “white” as a class privilege. The Irish, the Italians, etc., all assimilated, while Blacks did not, and instead constructed a hybrid culture, which is in a way further developed and manipulated by entertainment industries and corporations. The fault is both ways, degeneracy, which has led to an acceptance of psychotic behavior of violence into these communities. The Alt Right is convinced, utterly, these habits cannot be changed.

The arguments are based upon genetic intelligence. The same arguments they make, the behaviorists, neurologists, etc., I’ve studied say the opposite, precisely concerning the plasticity of the mind, the effects on brain tissue from the womb to birth. These require reasonable solutions. Intelligence is not stagnant, nor is it merely ‘rationality.’ This is proven in the History of Philosophy.

In all my encounters with foreigners mostly, they expect us to be exemplars of what is an American. Despite the ethnic homogeneity of their lands, they still see a People as the embodiment of the “national consciousness.” I have found what that story/spirit is.

It’s not meaningless cliche like, “diversity is our strength” nor is it —

“White people are our strength.”

Intelligence: a history and the fear of Smart-Robots” I am kind of a Futurist-enthusiast, and I believe despite Artificial Intelligence, there are ways humans can evolve with their technology, without necessarily fusing humans and technology (as in transhumanism).

This whole issue not only crosses into neurology, but our interests.

“People want to talk to me,” Spencer told NBC News from outside the Gaylord National Harbor complex. “They don’t want to talk to these boring conservatives. They want to learn about ideas whose time has come, not whose time has passed.”

On Richard Spencer —

  1. As stated above, he is right. Young and fresh intelligence on the Right are going to the origins, or history of the Right. There is an intellectual renaissance and rising of the Right at this time, but those “boring conservatives” they call “cucks” and sometimes ignorantly, are alarmist for some good reasons. It definitely spoils any efforts for the Right to appeal to minorities. Yet, as a Daily Stormer article I read recently said, they the Alt-Right really hate Jews, and those “monkey people,” disregarding that all human facial structures look like some kind of anthropoid.
  2. What if it is not even the ‘Alternative Right/White Identity Politics’ time either and you’ve misread the milieu of the times?


As to the statement in general —

You mean the irrational idea of reinstituting forms of racial segregation and ­“White homelands?” It is subversive, and regressive even. I think reactionaries and traditionalists, who are already fringe have become sucked into certain crystallized core ideas and habit of the Alternative Right. That’s not good. It would have been wonderful, to have an “alternative Right” movement rearticulating old thought.

However, we must be careful of the “appeal-to-tradition” fallacy.

The logic appears to me a cunning disingenuous twist on history, that does inarguably mirror the very leftist logic they criticise. If such ideology were to wiggle into Conservatism, it would only help legitimate every stereotype and misperceptions by the minorities, especially generational and the natives, to whom this land and home is as much in every right theirs as the White people. Who, in humiliation have labored under them. Some of you have argued, it is race which prevents minorities from turning to the Right and Conservatism, but this is due to both ignorance and indoctrination.

Many American blacks are conservatives, but loyalists to the Democrat Party; especially based on the social stereotype and myths about the Right, or parties on the Right. The idea of main influence of the Alternative Right on Donald Trump’s election is disingenuous.

It is not their time. It is the time of the Patriotic Spring. The time of patriots, internationally, and economic policies that look after the interests of the people. Marine Le Pen has the idea. It is a time for good, hard-working, honest citizens, and even those without opportunities. This is a renaissance in entrepreneurship. This story is not all about the “Alt-Right,” and I think this thinking of its rise is delusional, but atleast they are getting the old people on their feet, to consider thinking slightly different. Commonsense things we agree on are, as regards Europe is protecting sovereignty; preserving the culture and peoples; failure of integration; multiculturalism; mass migration, the rise of the patriot and the nationalist reminded of their place’s heritage and noble values, etc.

The issue of North Americans require slightly different solutions.

“There is a sinister organization that is trying to worm its way into our ranks,” said Dan Schneider, the executive director of the American Conservative Union, which runs CPAC. “We must not be deceived by [a] hateful, left-wing fascist group.”

To an extent, it′s so. Again, it′s garden-variety. I will be extremely frank with you. The Republicans, that push the “fascist” or neo-nazi narrative are doing that out of reactionary defense, rather than knowing what they’re talking about. They, like the leftists, would criticise Donald Trump as fascist, like in France against the Front Nationals, if Donald Trump was not their team’s victor. So, I do not agree to the narrative that the Alt-Right is a leftist fascist group. It is more nuanced than you think, when you consider all kinds of groups.

Yet, what makes them reason the policies they hold are good?

I do not even see American white nationalists as similar to the “New Right.” There is a mix of integrating idealogues confounding people, as much as the corporate media. I would have liked to say, I would be apart of this movement, because of similarities, but then you listen closely, and you hear the solutions they propose. The New Republic they seek would not work, and I will not sit around waiting to see if it would work. The American peculiarities is a racial thinking or racial obsessions bordering on psychosis, as MTV’s White People once revealed, and has infected how other people think, through transnational capitalism. Tired of years of autocratic and cultish idealogues in the American black communities constructing history and looking at history through a victimological epic of Blacks versus Whites, now we have it from votaries trying to claim “the Right.”

We do need a “New Right,” but is it the American one, which is merely a rebranding of old white supremacism in nice suits?

I had developed my own self-styled American ‘Right-Centre’ views, and because of it, I felt like an outsider. I kept my political views to myself, as I developed more understanding of history, and still today. Theosophy also informed me of a new outlook. I liked the European Philosophers, but as much as I found solace in East Asian Philosophers. Further developments led me to the point I am now, and my research has led me to the questions of genetics and intelligence (which is an ongoing process) as well. It has also landed me more importantly in research on linguistics, semantics, psychiatry, neurology, &c. Race realists seem to be hooked on the idea that intelligence is stagnate, and basing policies around this obsession of genetic differences, which have been tried before. Richard Spencer might not want to gas the Jews and sterilize minorities, but many of his followers who would take his place would like to. So my concerns, are far different than the excessive policy proposals, considered by American ‘Alt-Right.’ So in a sense, they’ve been deceptive. Now, I wonder if I should use the New Right and Alternative Right in my vocabulary, and mark it distinctively from the white nationalist idealogues and the core dogma they’ve constructed.


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