John Adams on Machiavellianism and Jesuitism

John Adams, a great man of letters, is in great agreement with Theosophists. The words of John Adams, second President of the United States (1797–1801) and the first Vice President (1789–97), are the likes of an intellectual giant, we have not seen in a long time, represent my compatriots. I was reading a horrid criticism on Theosophy from a traditionalist Catholic, Lee Penn, about interfaith being led by Theosophical Associates, namely Alice A. Bailey, to inaugurate a New World Religion. How can Theosophists have endorsed this? Well, some did in the time Theosophy got subverted, but in the beginning Helena P. Blavatsky criticised this as the ideal of the Jesuits and called the unification of the Churches—“Neo-Papism.”

We adamantly rejected the future rule of religion and priesthoods.

Modern Theosophists have already rejected and exposed Alice A. Bailey and her Pseudo-Theosophy, as reminiscent of Jesuitism and the `brug-pa. So, we were blamed for causing things, with which we reject; and not having the largest reputation, are used as cover for the real criminals, thieves, and liars. Men like John Adams were much different than the moderns who control this country in body and deed, and both parties at that presently. Both parties are totally incapable of intelligently articulating secularism, beholden to interest groups. 2016’s election saw the Christian right garner support from the Catholics, slighted over the pro-abortion American Democrats and Hillary Clinton’s “leaked” statements on Catholics.

The one side predictably played the religious card to their advantage.

Then, not only do we have the Catholics digging in us, but also Islamic foundations, and Zionists, ripping our politics in all different direction to support their interests. Who is there to speak against it, when both sides offended, generate hatred for each political side?

All have each their own agendas.

The times require Theosophians. John Adams held the Christian religion in great esteem, and with his thought and knowledge of course, it would hold such esteem of wisdom, which we students would respect and most prefer. Today, this is hardly possible, between the two methods of interfaith and ecumenism. Yet even still, we go much further in our narrative, and aim at rebuilding Western Philosophy, and not usurping it. This task takes more than Christian religion or doctrinal theology; but the Christians were set against the Theosophists by the same elements John Adams criticised. John Adams once said: “The substance and essence of Christianity, as I understand it, is eternal and unchangeable, and will bear examination forever, but it has been mixed with extraneous ingredients, which I think will not bear examination, and they ought to be separated” (Letter to Thomas Jefferson, 23 January 1825; see Letters: The Complete Correspondence Between Thomas Jefferson and Abigail and John Adams, 1988, pg. 607). What is that substance and essence and what are those extraneous ingredients?

And why does he speak, like a wise Christian theosophist would?


John Adams to John
Quincy Adams, 10 May 1816¹.

The Words Machiavelism and Jesuitism, have for 200 years passed, been customarily employed, by the general Consent of all honest Men; to Signify a perfect Complication of Hypocricy and Knavery; of Falshood, Fraud, Perfidy, Perjury, Tyrany and Cruelty: and all this maturely and deliberately digested and established both in Theory and Practice. Pascal, the only modern Demosthenes, in his Provincial Letters, has stated concisely their system i.e. of the Jesuits, the Macchiavelists We will waive for the present, from authentic Writers. Let me intreat you to read these Letters again. Let me also intreat you to read an History of the Jesuits in four French Volumes printed in Amsterdam in 1761. (…) Did you ever read the Histories of the Kings of the Gypsies, especially that of Bamfield Moor Carew.? Have you read the Writings of Nimrod Hews and Christopher Macpherson? Have you read the History the discipline and the Doctrines and the Miracles of the Shaking Quakers? Mesmer, Cagliostro, Graham, The Convulsionaires, The Miracles at the Tomb of the blessed and Sainted Abby Paris are, no doubt familiar to you. If you were here I could furnish you with much edifying Information on these great Subjects. Are you acquainted with the Biography the Philosophy, the Religion the Prophecies the Revelations of the Prophet of Wabash or the Kirkland Prophet of Oneida?

There is in human Nature, a solid, unchangeable and eternal foundation of Religion. There is also a Germ of Superstition, Seemingly a fungous growth, or a Spurious Sprout, which the grossest Blockheads and most attrocies Villains are able to cultivate, into Systems and Sects to deceive millions and cheat and pillage hundreds and thousands of their fellow Creatures.

All Religions have Something good in them: but the Ambition and Avarice of Priests and Politicions have introduced into all of them, monstrous Corruptions and Abuses, and into none more cruel bloody and horrible than into the Christian. My Advice to you, is to be extreamly cautious and reserved on the Subject of Religion.”

A well read man of the times, of Quakers, theosophers, occultists, etc. We raise suspicion to be wary of power-plays of religious institutions. While they attack their perceived foes secretly, to preserve their worldly repute, do not assume they’re in the right, nor innocent.

¹ See The Jesuits and Roman Catholicism in Theosophical Literature.

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