Allies of Theosophists and Issues with Traditionalists, Alternative Right and Modern Left

Most Theosophists might view influences of Traditionalist and Alternative Right Currents as inversed and tainted; but either way, Rene Guenon, a French traditionalist and mystic of Islamic faith was wrong about the Theosophists. I came across a blog of a Traditionalist and reactionary, basically referring to Theosophy and Blavatsky writings as flapdoodle; but the person was ironically an Evola fan, who believed in things like an ancient “Polarian race.”

Where did Evola get that idea from though?

Ironically also, Rene Guenon was not much different in his content from Blavatsky, as analyzed by Richard Smoley. Some Alternative Right ideologues, who vary in their political views, use materials of National Socialist Esotericism, like Savitri Devi, etc., etc. The Ariosophists and offshoots, etc., and the National Socialists all managed to gather so many people under their wings, through the very methods we seek to educate and liberate Man away from.

Persons of folk religions, particularly of Northern Europe have contacted me at times, requesting I look over their work and research, or even talk about the Icelandic and Norse traditions. Eastern Europeans frequent the blog. The Netherlands, Denmark, Romania, etc. also frequent the Blog; and these are regions where I know, they are seeking ethnic inspiration for their Peoples, and for good reasons I can understand, because they care about their countries. They find that inspiration from the Traditionalists and Alternative Right, Conservative-Nationalist, and Patriotic Parties. These are people I get along with, with all the cuckoldry and trying to construct a United States of Europe in a very subversive way. There is a similar spirit and strength there, to which we can identify, despite me not being of European descent. The way I think about the relation of “Blacks” and generational peoples of African-descent in the West is different from the left. The West is not something held in contempt, as the highest exemplar of evil, in my outlook on history.

There is just so much potential to what Theosophists can express and exhibit, to include people into the fold to revive a Theosophical Movement; and there might be competition with people, who actually think Adolf Hitler was actually just “right.”

It is a complicated issue, truly, but it is also worrying.

So, I wanted to enter this arena of influences, and offer other options.

Most Theosophists would view persons like Adolf Hitler, as an actor, and at its extreme, like a dugpa, tainted, etc. The ideas about the ‘New Man,’ etc., are all in our opinion, better suited in expression under the theosophical outlook and explanation. It is also the oracular initiate, the newly, or twice-born (dwija). Theosophists are called by Guenon, “Anti-Tradition.” Theosophy could not be Theosophy if it was Anti-Tradition. The conflict and false slanderous associations with Fascism, Anti-Semitism, Racism, and National Socialism of Theosophy and Blavatsky perhaps have made some Theosophists think they must portray Theosophy as solely this manifestation of the late Enlightenment period, as a progressive liberal movement. “Universal Brotherhood,” e.g., is forced by certain Theosophists into the Post-War Internationalism, portraying thereby, Traditionalists and Right nationalists as “evil.” I have however approached it differently, because I actually deal with the material from the source, e.g., of Fascism, Monarchists, critiques of Democracy, etc. You can tell how a person views history, or get them to think more deeply about political philosophy, by asking them what they think about the French Revolution. Would you had been a royalist, or amongst the democrats and republicans? It matters.

A multifaceted look into history, often places us deeply inside of it.

A theosophist in truth, is not bound by an political and economic law or governing system, like a religion, just as Christianity wasn’t, until obtaining governing power. A theosophist, of the Theosophical Society type or traditional and classical type could technically be an individual admirer of monarchism, democracy, republicanism, fascism, etc. We are moreso bound by principle and ethics, and the Theosophical School was meant to permit minds, principally mystically-inclined, and not judging what creed, religion, race, or sex to which they belonged. The mission of Theosophists was and remains to help whatever region it sets its branches in, but also the Theosophical Movement sought to help the West advance.

It set up Anglo branches, and branches throughout, e.g., Europe and any other region, to which those people and races specially acclimated to the region could through Theosophy, raise up nobly. The same spirit of the Traditionalist is there, but not as much obsessed, e.g., with proving the inferiority or superiority of other races, as the idealogues of the Alternative Right and your Daily Stormer-types. The Western “Russophiles,” Progressivist and Radical Left idealogues are however not acting as much of allies today.

Theosophists have been implicated on all sides of the field, so trying to make Theosophy seem an expression of progressivist liberalism is weak, or just the approach of a particular mind who is doing that. I could just as easily blow your mind, by showing what resemblances there are of Theosophy to Fascist Philosophy, and you will probably want to be a Fascist, or a Monarchist. I could do the same with any political ideology, because again, Theosophy is not a political ideology, and people apply ideas to anything. Theosophy is truly more rooted in the actual occult side of Nature, where spiritual philosophy and practical knowledge of the matter remain faith to even the Traditionalists; and our nostalgia for a utopian past on the political right, or a utopian future on the political left. If you apply esoteric principles to political action, e.g., which is the crux and purpose of Giovanni Gentile’s Actualism and the Neoclassicism of the Syndicalists, you would transform theosophy into Fascism//Actualism.

A few liberal-left sites have attacked Theosophy in articles as influences of the Russian Fourth Political Theory, Dugin and Neo-Eurasianism. After just discovering persons like Julius Evola and Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, the modern left thinks it has found the dynamite to not only construct their academic conclusions on the origins of the Alternative Right, but have implicated the Theosophists. Traditionalism seems more characterized by its Christian, particularly traditional Catholic-bent.

There are good things about that, and there are disadvantageous things about it, but it would not conflict with our mission, if certain Traditionalists did not feel they have to adopt the same opinions toward Theosophists as Guenon, or Evola. Evidently, as you can see, I have attended Catholic schools since young. I know Catholicism and Christianity. Nuns, priests, etc., I have dined with and whatnot. However, we cannot lie about the underlying system, which attempts to belittle Theosophical ideas.

The opinions of Guenon, Penn, and others are sometimes justified however, when discussing the subverted periods of the ‘Theosophical Movement.’ They however, don’t seem to like anything about it, despite using their ideas, or having so much similitude. The movement is so great, only as long as the minds expressing what it is, and what it is expressed as can be often so different from even the principal founders. The right-wing has attacked us, e.g., Pat Robertson. Protestant Evangelicals, e.g., still have the same suspicions and conspiratorial notions. A theosophist is not like a Nazarene or Essene, who separates though. It definitely has a system however; but a Traditionalist still has that basic theosophical outlook, and some are Perennialists.

With all this however, where have we to go for comrades, enthusiasts, and allies?


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