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Annie Besant’s Pro-Israel and Nationalist Advocacy

This is not in regard to any pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian opinion. This was originally in the article, Jacob Rothschild on his Family’s importance to Israel’s Creation concerning Annie Besant’s views.

It is no surprise, that Besant an advocate for Hindu nationalism and independence also spoke glowingly in the same manner about Israel, however within the enthusiasm and context she applied to her mission about the “World Teacher” charade. Described as a “spiritualistic acrobat” and “diplomat” by Buddhist revivalist Anagarika Dharmapala and Mohandas Gandhi who Distrusted Charles Leadbeater and Mrs. Besant, we will see her tendency; which is that of a diplomat, who could say something grand about anything.

It is exactly the enthusiasm that first attracted me to her writings, but then I began to notice unmistakable differences and patterns in her writings, as well as Charles Leadbeater and co. This is an example.

Dissecting this, this is not what Theosophists want to express. There are reverent things in the Qur’an, but unlike her prior colleagues, her aim was to douse down any polemical tone, or criticism. If we understand her ideology, and why she would view Muhammad as a Prophet and “one of the great messengers of the Supreme,” we would see, this is some type of Theosophism with her own Angelology:

“According to this view, the Founders of the great religions are members of  the one Brotherhood . . . As Theosophy of old gave birth to religions, so in modern times does it justify and defend them.” (Annie Besant, Ancient Wisdom, pp. 3 and 5)

“(…) the Guardians of humanity (…) From time to time, one of them comes forth into the world of men, as a great religious teacher, to carry on the task of spreading a new form of the Eternal Verities, a form suitable to a new race or civilization. Their ranks include all the greatest Prophets of the Faiths of the world, and while a religion lives one of these Great Ones is ever at its head, watching over it as His special charge.” (Annie Besant, The Masters, pg.. 79, Krotona edition)

Theosophists before her, did not hold to such a view of the religions as progressive forms of revelation from God; nor did they hold that the so-called founders of Religions, are Messengers and are all apart of a secret Brotherhood. The religions are imperfect and the result of human error; but the aggregate of their disparate yet fundamental discoveries about Nature at the core of their inquiries, are regarded.

After Blavatsky’s death, leadership was won over by the newly brought-over Annie Besant against the favoured and snubbed William Q. Judge (co-founder of the Theosophical Society), accused of forging letters. The current Theosophical leaders of this main branch seem to never admit of, what was undeniably, a subversion of the Theosophical Society, “under deluding influences,” a letter warned to Mrs. Annie Besant (see Part of the Last Letter to Annie Besant in C. Jinarajadasa, Freemasonry, and the Hidden-Hand Theory).

Annie Besant, to whom we have commonly been skeptical and critical, was allied with the Jewish Theosophists and Zionists, once stating as usually with her long-winded romanticist oration:

“Step forward, then brothers, and take your rightful place among the Nations. Israel has a future and a work to accomplish therein.” (see The Jewish Theosophist, 1927)

The Jewish Theosophist Magazine Issues, IAPSOP, 1926-1932.

While having nothing against a Jewish theosophist at all, we must take issue with the political and religious undertones in this period of Theosophical leadership. It takes a quick perusal of the patterns in the writings of a certain number of the second-generation, of the main branch of that time, with Charles W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant. The Israeli symbol of the two interlaced triangles is also in the theosophical emblem, but is apart of the language of symbolism in the ‘Archaic Mysteries’ (see Triggered by Swastikas and Stars of David).

The Jewish theosophists, called the Association of Hebrew Theosophists were perceived as a new Jewish sect of theosophists with headquarters at Adyar, India in 1927 in a Jewish Telegraph.

The principles of the Jewish Theosophical group were:

  1. To study Judaism in the light of Theosophy and Theosophy in the light of Judaism;
  2. To spread Theosophical teachings among Jews and;
  3. To undertake any other activity which could aid in the realization of the objects of the Association.

In an address to the welcome of the Hebrew Theosophists, Besant speaks of the return of the “World-Teacher” (i.e., J. Krishnamurti).

“I am very glad to welcome the association; it would indeed be splendid if some of the nation which ignorantly rejected the World-Teacher when He came to them, using the body of a Jewish disciple as His vehicle, should welcome Him on His return two thousand years later. Who knows what Word He may have for the ancient people to whom He came on His previous visit, when He manifested Himself in Palestine? Will He lift them up again among the nations of the world? St. Paul looked forward to such a revival of his people. and likened it to “life from the dead.” (see Theosophists Create New Jewish Sect: May 3 Jewish Telegraphic Agency Mail Service.)

This is quite inane theology, and it isn’t Theosophy.

The Wikipedia page on Theosophy, ignorantly describes a “Blavatskyan Theosophy.” It speaks of doctrinal debate and dispute, and labels those critics of later influences as adherents of “Theosophical orthodoxy.” Wiki article, Neo-Theosophy states:

“The term Neo-Theosophy is a term, originally derogatory, used by the followers of Blavatsky to denominate the system of Theosophical ideas expounded by Annie Besant and Charles Webster Leadbeater following the death of Madame Blavatsky in 1891. This material differed in major respects from Blavatsky’s original presentation, but it is accepted as genuinely Theosophical by many Theosophists around the world.”

Yes, because these Theosophical members are led by people with no back-bone, or deluded, and degraded into a cult; which must be redirected in thought. This term is not used by mere followers of Blavatsky. We have to use it, because of the obvious differences in expression, A blind theosophical enthusiast, who eats all the literature and periods of the Theos. Soc. up, without proper discrimination is more of a damage to the reputation of Theosophy, and has been.

Certain Theosophists have also attempted to justify their pro-Zionism and pro-Israeli sentiment, by using the writings of Helena P. Blavatsky, concerning Jewish Tradition and Philosophy. There is in Zionism, a demarcating line. Zionism is the ethnic nationalist philosophy, but the Jews who disagreed with them, broke the difference from that, and the religious aspect of Judaism. Theosophists should pander to neither sides in the conflict. I as any other, take in fact the Jewish theology over the Christian, yet believing in neither, nor in any constructed idea of progressive revelation, through its offshoots, each dependent upon, but attempting to usurp Judaism. It is disrespectful and ungrateful, the way history and that of philosophy and religion has turned out.

This demonstrates above all, the need for our analysis and criticism, when theosophists ask “what does politics have to do with Theosophy,” when theosophists have in its unfortunate history, declared ideas, that have political implications and consequences.

It is profane to perpetually read that nauseating habit in C.W.L. and A.B.’s writings, and most theosophical writers in that time following in their lead, the capitalized “He” and “Him” for “the Lord!”

See From Theosophical Society to Bizarre Quasi-Catholic Anti-Blavatsky Cult? How Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater turned “The Theosophical Society – Adyar” into the very antithesis of the Theosophists’ own teachings, aims, and principles. (With help from Geoffrey Hodson, George Arundale, C. Jinarajadasa, “Bishop” James Wedgwood, A.E. Powell, Clara Codd, and others.)

Annie Besant before Theosophy and Documentary

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