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The Spiritual Force of Theosophical Teaching: “Brotherhood” and Action

What “Universal Brotherhood” is to the Theosophist: It is the Round table — a united bond of brethren and sistren magnetically-tied to a common cause of action.

There are people who do argue, that tribalism is human nature. There are others who argue, that universal brotherhood is our true nature and end. These people draw these ideas into the political arena, but universal brotherhood with us, refers to our bond through the universal essence; while the human entity passes through earthly human experiences. The philosophical teaching in Theosophy on “Universal Brotherhood of Man,” is therefore not a sentimental idea for the ultra-altruist and overly-optimist, but an occult fact. The inner life of man, is developed, when unmixed with latent selfish motive. The aggregation of intelligences, as perceived by the universal Mind, includes that of our owns, known through the Voice within us. The “separateness” between the world and ourselves, normal to us, is an illusory distinction. Many students learn to know this. It is a fundamental doctrine in Buddhism and East Asian philosophy; and the knowledge of it is wisdom. It is True Occultism, which unveils this hidden knowledge, that is the unity of Man, the source of their will, and its ceaseless generating power. We rightly use the term ‘Occult Philosophy’ to describe that system of thought, that has taught all that is in connection with this teaching, the processes of motion, and between the universal Life-principle, with its passive and active modes.

In the field of reality and human activity, Man — the historic entity, must regard fundamental to their life, Thought and Action, as a basic fanaticism to succeed; and that succeeding is through both the individual and the bonded individual of fellows. It is a religious and spiritual life, which magnetically (psychically) ties that order, by the degree of their gravitation toward the centre of their inner principles, and gradually removing mental perversity and illusion. Breaking the veils, brings to the perceiver, perception of Spiritual and intra-physical (psychic) reality, and the understanding of metaphysical conceptions and terms, too often materialized by the intellectual; or that action which renders Man a pedant.

The science of Theosophical Occultism in practice would be one of Action, abnormal in its development of the disciple; and the stretching of limits once undreamt, through faculties Man possesses in themselves. Thought and action must be infused with the spiritual element, which spiritualizes the mind, through which we work.

There are so many other men and women, whose ideas enter the affairs of governing and political statecraft. The tendencies wrapped in this militant action have often manifested through reckless means, even betraying the principles of those very enactors.

“One does not undertake politics, or make history solely by promulgating new laws, creating new institutions, or winning battles, but also (and properly) by developing new spiritual attitudes, new ideas, and creating, in fact, new human beings and a new spirit.” (Giovanni Gentile, “The Laws of the Grand Council,” Educazione fascista, September 1928.)

Theosophists must take up the burdens and effort of the old great CAUSE and sacrifice. The sacrifice, having antedated our common era, and existing in the minds of certain sages since, to educate man of about the esoteric truths. It has that new spirit, but it must be exemplified. This new spirit and philosophical teaching requires discipline and coordination of action, built upon the spiritual impulse; and less propelled by ferocious passions, vice and crime.

A chief purpose for the foundation of MODERN THEOSOPHY was to build a nucleus of “universal brotherhood,” hoping that genuine new institutions may come out of it. Let us take it to mean, the GATHERING of a confederation of individuals of will, desiring to re-build up an impenetrable network of movers of history, not merely intellectuals.

“Good works on the physical plane helps with our spiritual development. First, by its influence on the formation of habits (…) Secondly, by its effects on both the astral and the physical plane, a good action has the effect of concentrating good effects on the doer. When a man makes bad Karma, by the very ideation he attracts to himself forces, which will lead from bad to worse. A man, who has good ideas, attracts influences of quite a different kind and these will help him on the way. On the other hand, actions must not be judged of by their effects alone, because then one element is wanting; the inward impulse prompting the act, must be also taken into consideration.” (T. Subba Row, Esoteric Writings of T. Subba Row. Second Edition, pp. 125-126)

“Theosophy, broadly stated, is universal brotherhood; (…) the effort to convert our lower nature into higher nature, and thus to aid in the great process of evolution going on throughout the macrocosm.” (William Quan Judge, Echoes of the Orient, Vol. 3, pg. 128. 1975-87.)


“It becomes patent why we could not perceive, even with the help of the best earthly telescopes, that which is outside our world of matter. Those alone, whom we call adepts, who know how to direct their mental vision and to transfer their consciousness — physical and psychic both — to other planes of being, are able to speak with authority on such subjects. And they tell us plainly: —

Lead the life necessary for the acquisition of such knowledge and powers, and Wisdom will come to you naturally. Whenever your are able to attune your consciousness to any of the seven chords ofUniversal Consciousness,’ those chords that run along the sounding-board of Kosmos, vibrating from one Eternity to another; when you have studied thoroughly the music of the Spheres,’ then only will you become quite free to share your knowledge with those with whom it is safe to do so. Meanwhile, be prudent. Do not give out the great Truths that are the inheritance of the future Races, to our present generation. Do not attempt to unveil the secret of being and non-being to those unable to see the hidden meaning of Apollos HEPTACHORD — the lyre of the radiant god, in each of the seven strings of which dwelleth the Spirit, Soul and Astral body of the Kosmos, whose shell only has now fallen into the hands of Modern Science. . . . . . Be prudent, we say, prudent and wise, and above all take care what those who learn from you believe in; lest by deceiving themselves they deceive others . . . . . for such is the fate of every truth with which men are, as yet, unfamiliar. . . . Let rather the planetary chains and other super-and sub-cosmic mysteries remain a dreamland for those who can neither see, nor yet believe that others can. . . .”

—H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1, pg. 167.


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