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Theosophists and Polemicists: In Defense of the Polemicist

What is a Polemicist? Something that should be added to your craft, or intelligence and tactic. The skill of a Philosopher, if not possessed, makes a weak theosophist; and perhaps, no theosophist at all. The theosophist is a step from the philosopher. There must be atleast a single student on your team who can master this tactic of argumentation and arousing in minds, a spark, from their comfortable habits of thought. It is one way to break binds to ideas, and offer opposition. It is this we need in the face of soft policy.

Take the late Christopher Hitchens, e.g., a professional “polemicist,” who argued against authoritarian and totalitarian habits in religious thought†. The act of polemics is that of the contrarian, and derives from the Greek. In the Greek it has the meaning of being war-like…

Or hostile.

Exactly of our spirit, of the Minervan spirit.

As this lecture states —

The act of polemics is a militant reply in the form of reasoned arguments against a proposition regarded as worthy of defense. The polemicist is a man or woman of courage, because contradiction implies confrontation. A polemicist speaks in opposition to another, and against the proposition of the positive or negative premise of said opposition. The polemicist is intrusive to the comfortable, and shatters delusion. In this sense, the New Academician engages in polemics, or will be apart of us. It is also intellectually stimulating.

Temples of Paestum, engraved by John Pye, 1830, Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1775-1851.

† Aversion and hostility to Christianity has become solely and falsely associated with left-leaning materialist philosophers, such as the Marxists and critical theorists. You must be just a ‘Cultural Marxist’, or one of those lefties, if you have a single criticism of Christianity.

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