Race and IQ — Sam Harris and Charles Murray Set the Record Straight on Intelligence Testing

This is an excerpt from episode 73 of Waking Up with Sam Harris, published on the 22nd of April 2017, titled Forbidden Knowledge, in which Sam Harris talks to Charles Murray about racial, cultural, and gender specific IQ differences. Charles Murray on the level of sophistication geneticists have studied in the variations of the human genome. Some scientists prefer the term ‘populations’ over ‘race.’ Just because I’ve criticized Sam Harris in Waking Up, about something does not mean, as the human psyche is prone to do, ignore the other work of a person, whose contributions and ability to create a format where dialogue can happen on subjects are much needed and appreciated. We are not on the paradigm, of what the political right, or left holds in opinion for the issue. I think the neurologists, geneticists, etc., that I’ve studied, have a much better insight into this than, e.g., certain idealogues of “Race Realism” or “Race Denial.”

Our social understanding has not caught up with the science.

When we are up-to-speed, we’ll have confidence to break the taboo.

I’d encourage scientific and data-driven debate, even in this time, where the distrust of expertise is becoming somewhat normal. Some scientists are stating, that certain people are manipulating the data and misusing their data research for political and ‘race propaganda.’

By the way, contemporary students avoid topics on race.

I hope Charles Murray and Harris can change your mind.


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