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The Procession of Initiates in the Mystery Drama

The Drama

Those taught in the mode of the MYSTERIES, follow the path of JUSTICE; but there are MYSTERIES that are also terrible of the DARKNESS (ערום, of Hades), and of DEATH (MUTH, Pluto) — the DEATH-God. Carries the procession of life: the sorrows of the nether-world (earthly) man, if passed (passed out of the ‘MAN of SIN,’ of SATAN, of TYPHON), carry them into RESURRECTION after death and immortality; and only the purified attain new life, and unite with the manifested God (the ‘Son of Man’) — that is their true self (the SAVIOUR of Hades).¹ These are the successes of the MYSTERY DRAMA. Man has good and dark elements; and the latter of which, must be chastised, i.e. the lower principles, or nature; and the higher mind, poured from on high, the DEW of DEUS, for the BLESSED.² The truly CHASTE, before the SILENCE (Night) make mad the soul below, and ascend from Hades, now transfigured into the IMMORTAL DIONYSIOS SON (the Mind, the WISDOMOF DEUS, the RESURRECTION and the LIFE, and SON (Daughter) of CERES (the VIRGIN), child of the LIFE(Light)-PRODUCER. The BABE†, now a radiant-DAIMON of Deus.³

Crowning at the Epopteia

Many today may lament of a hero saving a “damsel in distress.”

Symbolically and actually, Initiates had to delve to Hades even to retrieve their maiden, who is their soul. The Maiden is the soul of the initiate on the path to spiritual regeneration; and thereby, their royal (or noble) stature — that of the crowned (golden) Sun-Initiate or Sun-Hierophant. Do not feel grief in strife. Strive toward the Sun.

† The elements used in the prose are based on the dramas of Aristophanes the playwright, and Graeco-Roman theology. The Soul is going through the cycles. This is the processional or marching toward: from birth to regeneration, to life, to hero, to immortality — in the Mysteries. All Ages need and require heroes.—Minervans.

The spiritual daimon of Hero-Occultism. The procession of Gnosis, from birth to regeneration of the Sun within them.

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