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Cultural and Political Alliances in Central/Eastern Europe frustrate the EU

While French presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron threatens sanctions against Poland, for refusing to take in migrants. Macron, the favoured candidate of the internationalist financiers and modern globalist idealogues, attempts to show some authority, speaking of the lack of respect towards the E.U. Poland’s government with FM Witold Waszczykowski, found the statements unacceptable.

Besides France and Marine Le Pen, the Visegrád Four or the Eastern bloc have in ways stood tall before the ‘European Union,’ generally disfavouring forced mass migration and resettlement of refugees. The strength of the Polish people, e.g., and leaders at the time is admirable. What we have below is an older montage of the Eastern and Central Europe Alliance, but nevertheless nostalgic. It is nauseating sentiment to the left and the “radical centrists.” It is great to see the dynamism of the armies (probably NATO build-up or demonstrations); people standing together, anticipating and building action to confront the challenges and future of their nations; and the preservation of their identity, traditional values, spiritual and moral structure. Unrealistic and ungrounded in the geopolitical realities, some believe the easiest solution is to degrade any sense of nationhood. These thinkers forget about the local, the nation, or that which is close to us. Their solutions are so vague, they can hardly concentrate on those in their vicinity, their village or their towns.

The stance of the Polish, Hungarians, etc., to resist being bullied by the would-be super-state, where it would be suicidal to their nations, ought to be encouragement to the rest of Europe and elsewhere.

“But you know, as any man who has read history, that patriots may burst their hearts in vain if circumstances are against them. Sometimes it has happened that no human power, not even the force and fury of the loftiest patriotism, has been able to bend an iron destiny aside from its fixed course, and nations have gone out like torches dropped into water, in the engulfing blackness of ruin. Thus, we who have the sense of our country’s fall, though not the power to lift her up at once, cannot do as we would. …” (William Quan Judge, The Truth about the East and West, April 1895, pg. 126)

Hoping it is not too late for you and your compatriots, in this age of fragmentary identity, antisovereignty, and pseudocosmopolitanism.

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