After Marine Le Pen’s Lost to Emmanuel Macron and Problems with the Right

On this day, not a single person rooting for Le Pen shed a bucket-load of tears after a defeat for the French Presidency, and did not destroy cities across France like children, unlike among Americans. “#Merci” Marine Le Pen’s campaign tweeted. “#MerciMarine” follows a hashtag of Le Pen’s supporters, and from around the world.

It is a bitter lost, yes; but what lessons can be drawn from the lost?

I often refrain from the politics, because knowing most of all theosophical expression today, is moulded through a single lens: the so-called internationalistprogressivist, the feminist, cosmopolitan, socialists—the vacuous idealism in thought produced from these philosophies—a tendency of post-Enlightenment discourse.

This person, tends to think of themselves as a “citizen of the world,” or a global citizen. It is like fewer politicians even know how to think of policy and politics within borders. Put them in political leadership: their choices and policies will tend to everything that aids the global economy, or financial governing powers. Such minds hardly possess the vision and politics that help build-up and micro-manage states, cities, towns, and villages. They can’t even do that properly.

Things have already been set in place, where the citizen could not override, or even knows about; and that is in the arena of economics. Majority of us can admit, that we have no power to play the kinds of game at the level that matches the Rothschild family, &c.

The tide, in fact has swung back into the momentum of the globalists, globalization and internationalists. It was already in motion; just a minor setback. Why oppose these forward thinking communitarian and global economic ideologies or approaches?

They are not what its idealogues promulgate. In their board meetings and parliament, they make their decisions, and have their agendas. All is needed is public support. It is not about fostering an international community, or “European brotherhood.”

I speak to Americans about it, and they seem to support the European Union, on the chief idea of globalization being a boost to an economy, when we know, there are also losers and winners in this game. I have never met an American who knows how the European Union functions. It is supported, just out of spite toward conservatives and the political right, who are now treated as how the republicans and liberal democrats of old, treated the monarchists of old Europe. Do not buy such falsehood and characterizations.

We are not under any rules of any organization, so the political aspect, and the promotion of intelligence in political thought and philosophy is great for our discussions. Intelligence, shockingly to some, does not make every man, a modern liberal or democrat. We want to promote what we want to promote, and solve things the way we want to. If we ought to attend to classical sage philosophy, it is impossible to ignore the role of governance and economics.

The terms culture and civilization today have been changed, and this brings for any conservative philosophy, a disadvantage with a culture, equipped with an annoying barrage of pejoratives at their every disposal. Imbalance of powers and influence produces the political climate we have now. Therefore, the political party and political thought in the social sphere acts as too much a mirror to sports teams. Few joining parties and associating with certain political philosophies actually exemplify that political philosophy, or outlook. Intellectuals have become distrusted and drowned-out. The best thing needed right now, are your team’s intellectual muscle and those individuals of action.

Those who truly love their homelands. Where has that gone?

The political situation in the commonwealth, North America and Europe today, deems it necessary to approach your next battles with maturity and as much cunning or tact as your political opponents and salaried journalists, who hate your guts, right now celebrating.

Yes, spite grows furiously in me today, viewing the comments of Americans happy that Emmanuel Macron sealed a victory as France’s youngest president. Defeated today; we plan for the next battle. I thank Marine for her courage and giving all that she had, and it has definitely served as a source of inspiration for me, that such rare patriots with passion and endearing love for their folk, their cultural history, and nation still exist, so close to power. So, there is hope.

How To Win Back The West?

Farage ✔ Trump ✔ Norbert Hofer Matteo Salvini X Wilders X Petry X (quit) Le Pen or Fillon Jimmie Akesson Others?

As a meme states, still going around.

After the French election, it is clear —

We have lost, for now.

Not saying these persons were the choices. Principally, we need renaissance overall; not populism, memes, or sports-team politics.

The memes, I mean, are not enough, and never was meant to be.

Where are we at this time in history, because it doesn’t look nice?

Seriously time to reflect how the new (our) generation on the Right and conservative-nationals can initiate our Renaissance, in a world that deems our thinking, outmoded and a bunch of pejorative buzzwords. The Political Right needs a genuine Renaissance, pronto; not a meme renaissance.

Time to cut out the kiddie nonsense and get serious.

You will find great hope in this, despite the very bad logic.

Listen closely to them on reasons for not voting Le Pen —


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