“The End Game: Why the West is Lost” | Black Pigeon Speaks

“Ensemble, la République!

FRESH OFF OF THE VICTORY OF EMMANUEL MACRON IN FRANCE, Black Pigeon Speaks wants us to look more deeply at the historical origins of of our current issues as a civilization. It involves the origins of ‘Western liberalism’, rather than blaming the origins of tactics of the ‘modern left’ on Zionism, the Frankfurt School, &c., and why Western civilization is lost. Black Pigeon Speaks describes the difficulties before Identitarians and Traditionalists in the West; and the maladaptive nature of modern liberalism, which he argues is leading to cultural degeneracy — the key word — and low fertility.

Canadian sociologist, Prof. Ricardo Duchesne (of University of New Brunswick) has recently given a good discussion about these issues, which will be also shared, to press the issues among the public. It is necessary, to assess, because the Theosophical Movement, despite it being basically defunct, involves the revival of Western civilization. Under the present forms of deceptive thought and ideas manipulatively and tactfully defining itself as “progress,” how to?

The influences of the Frankfurt School to progressivism doesn’t actually have to be viewed in contradiction to the current of progressivism that led to liberalism and the Enlightenment, but the video seems to state, our issues now are a natural consequence.

After the election in France, for many, there feels like no hope, and Black Pigeon Speaks states, what will save the West could only be in the form of a paradigm shift, i.e., ‘new renaissance’. It has to be one.

Computer Forever gave further good thoughts on Post-Election France.


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