Satanic Panic Returns: ‘The Occult World of Marina Abramovic’

Good write-up, through an unexpectedly ‘New Right’ article, from the 2016 debacle about Marina Abramovic, but read the dumb comment below in the article: “The Occult World of Marina Abramović” who we defended, because the fear was ridiculous. The article even called it “Satanic Panic Returns” (see our much read and humorous Satanic Panic Returns: Marina Abramovic, Pedophilia Rings, Aleister Crowley). We can leave the discussion about “neo-feminist occultism” and cultural degeneracy for another time, but it is mind-boggling and hilarious people getting trolled by Marina Abramović.

But really, you hurt Marina’s tasteful soul.

This commenter is surprised and probably triggered

“No mention of Lucifer in this essay?! Of course Crowley and Theosophists are satanic. They openly espouse the virtues of Lucifer in all of their writings.”

Really, is that so

You mean virtues of liberty, critical thinking & pursuit of truth?

Do you see the idiocy and insubstantial opinions, that has to be dealt with in — despite my political leanings — an age of “alternative facts.”

See Manon Welles’s —

The Occult World of Marina Abramović


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