Comments on the Seven Stanzas: What Was Hoped Of The Secret Doctrine?

THE AUTHOR IS NOT CONVINCED “THE SECRET DOCTRINE” is the work of a mind, that is merely cobbling ideas together, nor inventing new theories, but are 1) getting it from authentic sources; 2) have been taught a great deal about them; 3) finds correspondences with science, ancient texts, and makes its arguments concisely, making it both worthy of praise and criticism or skepticism, as anticipated.

The Secret Doctrine was dedicated to serious theosophists, mystics, and occultists, internationally. Understand therefore, it is fully from the standpoint of the adept Occultist, and a few fundamentals of their “Occult Science.” In the literal meaning of those two combined terms is meant and not whatever pop culture makes it to be. The whole concept of Saviours, Buddhas, and Avatars, such as the Jewish concept of a Mashiach has its source and explanation in a more archaic cosmology and rejected atomism; but which in archaic symbolism, the invisible SUN was said to send forth. Christos refers to a blessed condition of theopneusty and henosis — a condition of absolute homogeneity of matter. It is a Principle of nature, not a human. Theosophists do not use the term “Christ-consciousness.”

Now, where physical, or modern science argues about the workings of brute matter, it is regarded in the secret doctrine that, there are invisible Elemental forces producing the effects of objective phenomena, that are supersensuous in effect, imperceptible, intelligent and sentient; which are in themselves, the effects of Primary causes underlying terrestrial phenomena. Electricity, Magnetism, Sound, Light, Heat, Cohesion, &c., are described for example as a) supersensuous effects in their hidden behavior, and b) objective phenomena in the world of senses. Its supersensuous effects require abnormal faculties to perceive them; whereas the conditions of these energies in the world of senses, require ordinary physical senses. These supersensuous effects are emanations of, still more supersensuous spiritual qualities, belonging to conscious causes.

The closer the “element” or body, e.g., an atom to the Laya (zero-point), also known as Nirvana, or the undifferentiated (homogeneous) state of matter, the more conscious the reality. The forces of Nature are supersensuous states of matter, and possible objects of perception to beings with the requisite senses; being the effects of conscious and intelligent Forces, which in their collective, make one absolute and unified Force, or PRINCIPLE of life. The Secret Doctrine teaches of Cycles in the new rebirth of a Kosmos or Solar system, i.e., of Cycles of matter, and Cycles of spiritual evolution. Stanzas given in The Secret Doctrine are divided into Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis. If anything, it is in the stanzas of Cosmogenesis, where principle ideas lie, concerning the Absolute PRINCIPLE, and its eternal manifestation, or SUBSTANCE. It is the fundamental Law in the Secret Doctrine, upon which the entire philosophy rests — a super-unified homogeneous divine “SUBSTANCE-PRINCIPLE.” Christian authorities who’ve not managed to find this philosophy appealing, like to mention these ideas “come from the East,” meaning a “bad thing.” This PRINCIPLE and Substance is yet inside, outside, everywhere in the manifested universe, in around, through, and over every mathematical point, and everything exists in IT. The Jew, Christian and Muslim cannot recognize their deity in its conception, except dimly where their idea of an abstract Great Deity is mixed with an anthropomorphic Creator. The Sāmkhya school, the Jains, and Vaishnavas before the common era, have taught such doctrines.

The concept of this PRINCIPLE and the LAYA state are central in understanding the statements made by early theosophists about the ChristosPRINCIPLE, in corresponding it to Atmā/Paramātmā, or the seventh condition of matter in its homogeneity, which explains the royal symbolism of the term. Its theories about matter, or “the real primordial substance, the noumenon of all matter we know of” is essential to its school’s positions. The concept of the invisible Elemental forces accepts both the mechanical nature of physical laws, as well as still admitting the existences of matter beyond human perception different from the matter science knows, and of INTELLIGENCES. What the latter are varies, according to the context, but our explanations confound persons, filled with mythical images about ANGELS.

The very idea, that man is “made of stardust” is nothing compared to what theosophy is further stating, that the connection in our composition to the hidden universe gives us abilities to explore it in ways our technology cannot. Religion will tell us not to explore it. Yet, it has already been by certain persons since antiquity, and extremely few of us can judge, when we do nothing to learn and go through the same processes these persons went by to obtain this special knowledge. This is a knowledge that is by all means, occulted.

Occulted, because of the illusive behaviour of matter itself.

Also, our unwillingness to learn, and blaming obscurantists.

“Our laws are as immutable as those of Nature, and they were known to man and eternity before this strutting game cock, modern science, was hatched. If I have not given you the modus operandi or begun by the wrong end, I have at least shown you that we build our philosophy upon experiment and deduction — unless you choose to question and dispute this fact equally with all others.” (K.H. to A.O. Hume, The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, Letter no. 22, 1882)

There is something extraordinary about it, beyond random insights and incessantly repetitious and unoriginal positive philosophical advice of some modern spiritual, as vague as the spooks of Victorian Spiritualism. There appears to be a science.

Occult fraternities have withheld certain knowledge from the masses, is what we can grasp from the incessant mentions and warnings in theosophical writings. Yet, the knowledge is in nature itself, and there is an awareness that occasionally in time, some persons by their own efforts, such as the scientists, e.g., mentioned in The Secret Doctrine for their observations, predictions, and intuition, discover more beyond the veil, or come close to something, but instead go off into another direction. Development of inner faculties; or rather first, the demonstration of man beyond the physical nature is vital to take.

The scientists are unimpressed with the historic body count of dupes.

We maintain that there exists a body of exalted men, with knowledge transcending what we cognize, especially on the very basis of our own practice and the realization that it is impossible there have not been others, or are still others who enormously tower above us tyros in skill, in the development of faculties and powers from the unseen world. Further, these persons we hold to had the welfare of humanity in mind, and promote these ideas, such as with H.P.B. and theosophy.

As one letter notes:

For the life of me I cannot make out how I could ever impart to you that which I know since the very A.B.C. of what I know, the rock upon which the secrets of the occult universe, whether on this or that side of the veil, are encrusted, is contradicted by you invariably and a priori. My very dear Brother, either we know something or we do not know anything. In the first case what is the use of your learning, since you think you know better? (…) Pardon me for contradicting you, but it is nothing of the kind. There are a thousand questions I will never be permitted to answer, and it would be dodging were I to answer you otherwise than I do. I tell you plainly you are unfit to learn, for your mind is too full and there is not a corner vacant from whence a previous occupant would not arise, to struggle with and drive away the newcomer. Therefore I do not evade, I only give you time to reflect and deduce and first learn well what was already given you before you seize on something else. The world of force, is the world of Occultism and the only one whither the highest initiate goes to probe the secrets of being. Hence no-one but such an initiate can know anything of these secrets. (…) the chela first discovers this world, then its laws, then their centrifugal evolutions into the world of matter.” (K.H. to A.O. Hume, The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, Letter no. 22, 1882)

What Was Hoped Of The Secret Doctrine

“The writer hopes that, superficially handled as may be the comments on the Seven Stanzas, enough has been given in this cosmogonic portion of the work to show Archaic teachings to be more scientific (in the modern sense of the word) on their very face, than any other ancient Scriptures left to be regarded and judged on their exoteric aspect. Since, however, as confessed before, this work withholds far more than it gives out, the student is invited to use his own intuitions. Our chief care is to elucidate that which has already been given out, and, to our regret, very incorrectly at times; to supplement the knowledge hinted at — whenever and wherever possible — by additional matter; and to bulwark our doctrines against the too strong attacks of modern Sectarianism, and more especially against those of our latter-day Materialism, very often miscalled Science, whereas, in reality, the words “Scientists” and “Sciolists” ought alone to bear the responsibility for the many illogical theories offered to the world. In its great ignorance, the public, while blindly accepting everything that emanates from “authorities,” and feeling it to be its duty to regard every dictum coming from a man of Science as a proven fact — the public, we say, is taught to scoff at anything brought forward from “heathen” sources. Therefore, as materialistic Scientists can be fought solely with their own weapons — those of controversy and argument — an Addendum is added to every Book contrasting our respective views and showing how even great authorities may often err. We believe that this can be done effectually by showing the weak points of our opponents, and by proving their too frequent sophisms — made to pass for scientific dicta — to be incorrect. We hold to Hermes and his “Wisdom” — in its universal character; they — to Aristotle as against intuition and the experience of the ages, fancying that Truth is the exclusive property of the Western world. Hence the disagreement. As Hermes says, “Knowledge differs much from sense; for sense is of things that surmount it, but Knowledge (gyi) is the end of sense” — i.e., of the illusion of our physical brain and its intellect; thus emphasizing the contrast between the laboriously acquired knowledge of the senses and mind (manas), and the intuitive omniscience of the Spiritual divine Soul — Buddhi.” (Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1., pg. 278-79)



  1. If too many people are made aware of the contents of the secret doctrine, then it could not be called secret any longer.

    Why the emphasis on Matter? It is Spirit that is important. The Supreme Consciousness (aka God) is the controller.

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    1. Blavatsky notes in her work, that of course, once something becomes discovered, it is no longer occulted, or hidden, just as scientists did not know as much as they knew then. The language she uses in her works, noted by theosophists on Science at past Symposiums, demonstrate she is using language to describe, e.g., the subatomic world where there was none until after she died.

      You must understand Theosophy first. In Theosophy, Matter is eternal and uncreated. It is ONE Substance, eternal in its root-essence. “We believe in MATTER alone” the Mahatma Papers explain of their teaching, and their teaching is “Theosophy,” or the “Occult Philosophy.” In the West, the term conjures mere material. In standard Science still, our meaning stands about its illusive nature, and yet Matter is convertible into energy. Its root cannot be destroyed. In the East, especially as explained about Samkhya, it has greater significant meaning and nature. Mulaprakriti is Root-Matter, Primordial Matter. Paracelsus taught this concept as well. It is not alien to Western Thought. The Pre-socratics taught of it as well. Spirit is merely again, that Root, or one Substance. Spirit just refers to the conscious and reflective quality of that same Essence.

      The knowledge of contents of the Secret Doctrine does not mean however, it is revealed, or that people possess a gnosis. Just as so many books on alchemy annd Masonry exist, but what do people understand though?

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      1. It seems to me that Spirit has always existed. There is the material universe and there is the spiritual universe. The material is temporary and some feel that it is illusory and ultimately not real. The spiritual universe is eternal and is not gross matter, not physical. The aim of human life ought to be spiritual development and spiritual evolution so that one can progress and eventually attain to the spiritual plane where the limitations of the flesh will be left behind (death, suffering). God is the Great Spirit and our souls are part of His marginal energy. God has a supremely transcendant personality. God is a person – not the impersonal Absolute of the idealist philosophers. This is what the Vedic wisdom teaches.


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