A Poor Argument that Civic Nationalism is Globalism

Is Civic Nationalism just Globalism.

Do you think you are being red-pilled, and have seen a few videos of Richard Spencer and others, and have jumped on the “White Genocide” bandwagon, and now think you’re wise and enlightened? Do you like to make cheap and anti-American insults like “muh democracy” and “muh constitution”? I want you to take a fun fasci trip and read the nonsense passing as the “New Right,” as the profanation of the “redpill” idea takes place; and blaming kikey becomes the central pillar of some men of our lost generation.

A Poor Argument that (((Civic Nationalism))) is (((Globalism)))

Read the comment section. It’s cancer.

Seeing this → “((( ))) ((( )))” is so annoying.

What is being explained here is not civic nationalism, and this is why these criticisms of ethnonationalist idealogues are both spiritually and intellectually lazy. The Roman Republic can be seen as an example of civic nationalism. The aim of the civic nationalist ideology was to Romanize the people of many ethnicities under the Republic. In an articled titled “The American Order,” I will explain exactly, what are the elements that compose the quintessential Identity and Philosophy of the American Republic. European Graeco-Roman civilization is one part of it, and not the whole; nevertheless, it is a much better answer than the constructed idea of the “United White” man. We think it is time for a true “American Renaissance” and both a New Political and “‘New (generation) republican’ Renaissance,” because the Right is in serious existential crisis right now. You need great minds with vision, spiritual philosophy, and exemplars of the race (civic mind) or era, etc., because unlike the European, the American destiny is a different one. Curtailing it from this heap of pseudo-intellectualism and racialist ideology, just as much as from the bland and vague identity of the multicultural vision and anti (any) ethnic or racial group tendencies breeding, takes new thought and action. Minds raise up ideals and movements, that shake humanity, and their people to think differently. I do not choose, nor ask you to choose their Alt-Right thinking, but I do ask you, to choose to think differently.


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