Jared Taylor on White Identity and “What the Founders Really Thought About Race”

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance describes the racial thinking of the Founding Fathers and of other great Americans. Since colonial times and until the mid-20th century, Americans had a vivid sense of the significance of race, and took it for granted that the United States must always be firmly rooted in Europe. Mr. Taylor warns that today’s egalitarian, multicultural orthodoxies are a dangerous departure from the more thoughtful views that shaped our country.

The American Founders were definitely, besides the topic of race, acclimated to the thought bred in those times, and a different breed than our modern politicians. They certainly envisioned the founding of their republic in the light of the highest heights attained by European Civilization. This is undeniable, as to their Classicism.

American Founders as Classicists inspired by Classical Greece and Rome

So, there are minorities who don’t care about that. They want to demean, as much as possible Europeans and their descendants. The white man next to you, could say, that “I have built Ancient Greece” (or other whites), though they didn’t, just because of their white identity. They would be delusional. Yet, in the same manner, minorities long established here now partake of Western Civilization, and affect its destiny, or course. We are tied up with it, and the only thing I think of, is not what Europeans did to my ancestors, but in the present, how I can do something great for my civilization, of which I feel more apart, than that white man asserting he built it by himself.

****No safe spaces.

You can watch Jared Taylor’s new video, 😏

“What the Founders Really Thought About Race”

Do not believe ignoring him, you win. What are your counterarguments?

****Most so-called “Black” Americans are not ignorant of what men thought in those days. The very term, negro is but a Spanish term for an immovable, or inanimate black object. The so-called Black is taken to be an object, and is still held in some sense as then, to be “not fully human.” Scientific facts are facts however, and do not need a consensus. The founders might have held many other irrational views we reject today, like Blacks being 1/3 a human. The opinions and limited scope of men’s vision can be broadened and deepened. There is an element of fallacy in the argument about what the founders thought about race. Yea, they thought so, and yet, the second President like John Adams did not want the American enterprise to adopt the practice of slavery. As a child, I heard of the decision to stay in the United States argued by the Black Intellectuals.

All the Black students were treated to this history.

Glenn Beck on Black contributions to America’s foundations.

So, history shows, some left to Liberia. The rest argued against it.

Today, Liberia is in utter chaos, which only feeds the arguments of the followers of Jared Taylor, that those of African-descent are unfit to build great civilizations, because deep in their bones, in their genes, there is the belief Africans are incapable. It is unfortunate the way world history and evolution has turned out to be, but I also very much dislike the victimology mentality, and this perpetual anger against Europeans and their descendants. Bad ideas and approach are strengthening arguments like Jared Taylor, because I never see anybody challenging him. I see interviews, but no debates; when directly challenging people like Jared Taylor before the public could lead to forced change in perception. We need to be forced to face it.

We need minds to be challenged, not protected.

Chaos in Liberia

*****more on Jared Taylor, May 5th Interview

CNN Interviews Jared Taylor on White Identity

Sara Sidner of CNN interviewed Jared Taylor about why whites voted for Trump, racial differences in IQ, hate crime hoaxes, racial nationalism, and what whites could face as a minority.


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