The Perfectibilist and their Philosophy of Illumination

Intellectual and Spiritual Pursuit both considered in Theosophy. American and European Esotericists could never give up Sex Magic, and Sex Magic remains normal element in Western Esoteric Tradition, as in the 20th century Neo-Pagan and Sexual Liberation movements. The Path of Illumination in the West is distorted. The Theosophical School corrects this.

Central things to Johann Adam Weishaupt and his School of Perfectibilists was Virtue and Education. Rationalism and Occult Philosophy are also combined in the Theosophical School, formed in the late quarter of the nineteenth-century. Logic was important to Morya and K.H.’s Philosophy. Occultism retains an image of being of higher superstitious grade than religious belief, but intellectual development is considered helpful for the student; and it celebrates Philosophy in its highest form. The “schoolmen” (or the educated) as Agrippa remarked, thought the same as they do now, when discarding beliefs about occultism. However, the Occult Philosophy as defined in the ‘Secret Doctrine’ (not the book but the Mysteries) is different than the European and American. The European and American esotericists maintained the old practices of sexual magic.

These “esotericists” would not give it up, and justify it.

The orgasm is an obviously fleeting pleasure, and has nothing to do with Spiritual Illumination. There are greater things, than the orgasm.

Sexual magic is a means of exchanging, or siphoning on vital-energy.

In physical practice, it is for:

  • Maximizing pleasure.

In other forms of practice, it is for

  • Exchanging vital-energy.
  • Siphoning energy.
  • Temporary insights (psychic action).

The physical, just as the astral-sidereal is full of illusions, with which many are intoxicated. The idea of the Perfect Man of Virtue sounds like a mere “good guy,” but it is not. It indicates development of our physical, psychic, moral, and spiritual nature to utmost degree.

It is the spiritual (r)evolution of the onward and will-filled Ubermensch.

No soul, who is somewhat knowledgeable of the value of Virtue to Buddhist and Chinese Ruist Philosophy, will not appreciate the revived ideal of the Perfectibilist (Path of Virtue and Philanthropy).

If there is one thing that can be defined as illuminated, it would be the Esoteric Schools of mystic students in the East; or the mysticism that was said to be given to the great Arhats by the Nagas or “Serpents” (i.e., the Initiates and fully illumined, or Perfected). Once known in the West, it is long gone, as an institution and memory (in the public’s mind). Soul-wisdom is the true Illumination. This Wisdom is knowing the inseparability of self from the Universal Self. Ignorance and illusion, from world deceptions, are the result of false learning.

The Perfected become one with Nature’s Soul. Separation from it, is the origin of all delusions and inversions of Wisdom in the world of the Great Illusion (or objective universe). The Illumined subdue the great Delusion, or temptation that ensnares. It is the archaic Python depicted in myth and art — the personified temptation in Nature.

Those who’ve caricatured Occultism as solely the game of evil men are liars, spread confusion, and hurt the cause of those who have been trying to help the West long before any “Enlightenment era”.


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