Subversive Politics: So, Why Is The Alt-Right Spreading?

The article The Alt-Right and Subversive Politics: Afraid of Critiquing the Alt-Right I wrote was purely based on the exact words of persons in the Alt-Right community, which is why I stated that if people got triggered by it, that it was their problem, because I gave their exact sentiments. Yet, why is the Alt-Right spreading? What is so, intelligent and superior about this movement. Could there be anything better?

Comments and jokes online, as stated by The Daily Stormer —

“This isn’t some big joke.

We actually, literally hate these people who are trying to destroy us.

We are going to fight them and we are going to win.

There is no possible way that these writers [Breitbart] actually believe what they’re saying. What they are trying to do is turn it into a joke by telling the people involved they don’t actually believe what they actually believe. (…)

Find me a single alt-right twitter figure who believes the Holocaust is something other than a monumental hoax. Yes, we all joke about this stupid hoax, and yes, it is funny to joke about this stupid hoax. But the purpose of the jokes is to demystify it so as we can open people up to the reality that it did not actually happen.

And we are all conscious of this. It is a brilliant strategy of social engineering. (…)

Obviously, everyone knows these pictures are racist and they post them because they dislike Blacks, Moslems and especially Jews.

What could possibly be more straightforward than that?

This claim that internet racism is some kind of elaborate hoax is pure gibberish.

Another, more palatable, interpretation of these memes is that they are clearly racist, but that there is very little sincerity behind them.

No, seriously: we sincerely are racists.” (Breitbart’s Alt-Right Analysis is the Product of a Degenerate Homosexual and an Ethnic Mongrel)

That is a definitive view by the Alt-Right, and Alt-Lite doesn’t exist.

So, why do journalists bother writing 3000 words of propaganda?

Identifying garden-variety ideologues with fascism?

Why are so many people idealizing Adolf Hitler? A hypocrite?

What’s with the young American Right adopting the Alt-Right?

It is time to stop following trends, because you are a pawn.

It does not matter what stupid things the political left does. What matters is what you are doing, and the false perceptions and psychological associations the contemporary Jacobins are constructing, by making the American Right and Conservatism as Monarchism of the old world, to justify their political actions and propaganda. ‘American Renaissance’ (AmRen), Alt-Right and Identitarians aren’t that great a solution. Here’s a gift: What I Think About Blacks. Go to the comments. Honestly, ask yourselves, if such people are the future of politics; or are they the reason, ultimately the Right will lose? You can gauge the beliefs and motives of such people.

And the jokes are not merely jokes, whatever data they have.

The failure of liberal democracy made men weary and desperate.

New effort and philosophy have to regain the public’s attention.

The people are lost and wander ideologically.

See, would-be theosophist. Be hopeful how easy we could take over.


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