American Unification Action: Commentary on Republican Renaissance

‘Cultured-Thug’ criticizes Identitarian politics; and from his individual opinion as an advocate for fascism, on the need for pro-active and cohesive action toward American unity. He says, American in-fighting ignores the real issues in international finance. He states, that we need a reactionary force of unity, and warns against the hijacking of such movements. This action and philosophy is in-line with my prospects for an American ‘neo-republicanism(not a reference to the political party). The classical term is so vague, that it has not been exemplified as a philosophical and political doctrine to the modern mind. Though it is the guiding principle philosophy of the U.S. no one is expressing, except the institutions of law already in place.

****The editor is not Fascist, but finds certain aspects admirable.

I agree about the need for Action. There is no unified action.

American Unification Action and Renaissance

I can’t believe how much Cultured-Thug and I think alike on this issue, and in other areas. It is in total alignment with the outlook we want to build community around; especially our ideas about the improvement, evolution, and destiny of peoples, nations, etc. You have to deliberately induce a different attitude in the people toward a common goal. Dreams of balkanization will not work, so refrain from this. ‘Cultured-Thug’ criticizes Identitarian politics. He states, that we need a reactionary force of unity, and warns against the hijacking of such movements,. This action and philosophy is in-line with my prospects for an American ‘neo-republicanism’ believing that both the Republicans and Democrats cannot help unify the country. I stand by the principle of e pluribus unum. It is a magnificent motto, that aligns with our philosophy, and American Unification.

In truth, the Americans area People,” and share a unified destiny.

We do not know why certain contemporary ideologues advocate for a great balkanization of the United States, and a white ethno-state, but that cannot be built within our union. In truth, the North Americans are “a People,” and share a unified destiny. If one group, or population is collectively pulling down the others, or others are deeply in conflict with each other, and we are cognitively dissonant about the very fundamentals and legitimacy of this federal union, then it cannot work. Unification will not occur naturally, and the times demand new thinkers, original philosophy, going to the very roots of the Western (European) and even Latin American culture.

People who say Americans do not share a unified destiny lack its spirit.

The United States is not a Pure Democracy system, so the overuse of that term democracy, is misguided; and always seems to be an aversion to say the first word of the ‘Republican Party’. The United States is a Republic, and that means a great deal. There also, as he states, need to be agreed upon, what is the “Greater Culture,” to which all Americans aspire to and exemplify in character, and part of that does include the import of European values, principles and culture, but it is not the only factor. We will explore this more in-depth another time, but for now, the roots of the American Order derive from several elements. The Intercollegiate Review hones it down to Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and Philadelphia as influences and values.

There are also native American factors, such as the Iroquois.

This Greater Culture is the American Order (the Roots of the American Order), and you have to promulgate and exemplify it. Americans are afraid of doing this, and also do not know. No one has articulated it in a cohesive and unified manner. Republicanism is also spiritual philosophy about man’s place within the hierarchical order of nature, that celebrates the ideals of virtue and duty. It is not just Judeo-Christian, and it is neither values solely known to the Europeans.

White Protestantism is declining; Americans of European-descent are not all Christian; and even still, many are of other schools of thought, as Europeans have always been. To the theosophist, there are universal principles, by virtue of nature’s laws and matter. This has little to do with colorism, but with Man — the mind-principle. When moved in its direction, it develops civilization. It improves a people, inwardly. Modern civilization must capture what creates civilization, instead of experimenting in the paradoxes of liberty and libertine proclivities, common at the end-cycle of every degenerated civilization. Men and women, of various ethnicity, etc., should not be underestimated, especially when instead of letting them be, are inspired each from within to change their entire mode of thinking, and thus their cultures. Hitherto, in our modern period, corporations not with the best interest of the people’s health, but for financial gain infect everywhere. Entertainment, owned by corporate execs breed degeneracy: constructs, instructs, and evolves the culture in its image.

We are hypnotized, and doubly unaware of how human culture works.

So, there is a Greater Culture, and it is understandable that many people would think that this is ‘White Anglo-Protestant,’ is because it means that to a large majority of the American population. It is not written in the main documents; however, certain politicians assert it.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt once told a Jewish cabinet member:

“You know this is a Protestant country, and the Catholics and Jews are here under sufferance” (Fdr’s Auschwitz Secret).

These attitudes have changed today.

It may be, that the American conflicts within must give rise to a new culture; but it cannot be an order of Identitarians nor neo-Jacobins against the American Order. It should have an ‘American First’ attitude. It has to control borders, discourage, and curtail the irrationally-guided anti-sovereign attitudes of modern democrats (not a full reference to the American Party). While “Make America Great Again” is a good slogan (dreamy-eyed ideal of the 80’s Reagan Era), though flawed, the old ethnogenesis of the early American Republic came about through forced pressures, militarily, culturally, and religiously; and formed a solidified “white” ethnic category, that did not originally exist in Europe, even during the multi-ethnic empires.

Within this, black and pre-European inhabitant Americans felt excluded. To a degree, there are types of Americans we meet along the way, that think they own the lands, and treat blacks and those descendants of Natives and Latin Americans as aliens. So, when other ethnic groups were often tolerated, they held a subordinate position. The American majority does not want to go back to this. This is the way ‘North Americans’ think of Latin America. The identitarians will never get rid of all of us, who feel deeply rooted in the land; and they are breeding far-left revolutionary resentment, who advance goals and gather for unified action every week across North America. There is however, no ‘UNIFIED ACTION’ of the Right, who must not get caught up in Identitarian politics. The ‘Right-Left paradigm’ is already revealing itself not entirely a true (false) dual-paradigm, as the two main American parties are both the same; and peddling terminological confusion contributes to predictable division.


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